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  1. just checking - how many tix you bought with your code so far? Any?
  2. yes, from that link i posted - also there is an option I believe on some ticketmaster sites to purchase a u2.com subscription and get an 'instant' code to buy up to 4 tickets straight away from that particular TM site.. we (mods) have not been given a lot of info about how that works however...
  3. yes max is 4 per code over up to 4 shows
  4. keep trying... still available London 2 Red Zone
  5. http://event.ticketmaster.fr/attente.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpartenaires.ticketmaster.fr%2Ffr%2Fmanifestation%2Fidmanif%2F394509%2Fcodtypadh%2FFCM%2Fnumadh%2F01%2Fcodeconf%2FFTMS01 is link, updating on Tours page now..
  6. there is no option to delete topics, mods can do it if need be - often good to leave them in place as a help to others in same boat etc... even if your issue is sorted
  7. Why not get your friend to get his own membership, or 'gift' them a one From http://www.u2.com/terms U2.com will accept only one membership per person. If we determine that a single person has joined (or attempted to join) more than once, or if we receive multiple membership applications from a single and/or cluster of e-mail addresses verified to single user, we reserve the right to cancel all applicable memberships.
  8. HELP (inc FAQ's) Q - How Many Tickets can I buy? What is the ticket limit? A - As a paid-up U2.com Subscriber you are eligible to purchase up to FOUR (4) tickets for any show or combination of shows
  9. but... not at any other persons expense here...
  10. in Europe I have seen minimum age 14 for GA, under 16 must be accompanied by adult, but not sure what Miami restrictions are, tried to check earlier was not clear..
  11. top work Lobmans. I tip my hat to you..
  12. noted. AND--please make sure that the RZ/VIP onsale date is ALSO different for RH & Wires members! And remember that there were many venues (e.g., Chicago) that sold RZ/VIP to EVERYONE starting at the RH time! These are major problems--and since RZ is the most desirable, really important to have those be members-only in the presale, AND separate the RH and Wires presale times for these as well. not in our hands here what decisions are made up the chain, but we do pass up concerns like this, we will know soon enough how the Red Zone will run for Round 2..
  13. best to email site you bought from for clarification, let us know what happens...
  14. assured again U2.com is correct, TM being advised to correct on their sites
  15. great memories Colm - would be good to keep all these tix stubs and memories together in one area, so leave here for now but prob merge into main area later in week..
  16. Not completely true, many Wires here in Zoo saying they (eventually) were able to get GA
  17. i would prefer chairs with bottoms (getting old...)
  18. been answered in a few topics, in short - one code per subscription per tour cycle, has been that way for past few tours
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