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  1. Answered in a couple of other posts, but in short, only one code per subscription per tour cycle allowed
  2. not just that... things get noticed hopefully... trends, individual concerns... more..
  3. its understandable.. good to have a place to vent... sound off...
  4. link? (not on u2.com yet) I got an update from their verified Facebook page. Which of course is not U2.com but it is their page. Interesting sale so far. See NJ sold out completely but plenty of GA still available in places like Boston, Pittsburgh and Cleveland (as of this post) ok, cool, i expect u2.com will update tour page v soon
  5. no, only 1 code per subscription per tour cycle
  6. from the folks at U2songs.com 09:00am GMT: All European shows go on sale. 09:40am GMT: Amsterdam is announced as a sellout, and a second show is announced by the Promotor for July 30, 2017. 09:45am GMT: Paris and Amsterdam are now both listed as sellouts at U2.com 10:05am GMT: London is added to the sellout list at U2.com 10:09am GMT: Second show for London is announced through Live Nation UK. 10:14am GMT: Second show for Paris is announced through Live Nation France. 10:23am GMT: Dublin is added to the sellout list at U2.com but local media reporting this was sold out in approximately
  7. something to browse while we all waiting for extra show presales : more-propaganda-for-u2com-subscribers
  8. only one subscription per person allowed...
  9. a teaser... can't get google translate to work on that, anyone fancy doing a translate?
  10. have informed them already, info is correct on U2.com I have been told.
  11. absolutely Maybe we can all stay at yours M
  12. was a topic bump so I could merge 2 similar... giving away trade secrets...
  13. means if you have not used your full allocation yet, i.e. you have at bought no more than 3 tickets on your code so far
  14. Strange how U2.com says the Wires presale is on Thursday, but Ticketmaster has it listed for Wednesday. I wonder which is correct. Always presume U2.com... but will check
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