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  1. Just scored 2...you have to filter out the price to get rid of the fan to fan and get to the $70
  2. Would be,nice to split the uber and travel in,a group...
  3. Need one GA for 6/29 for myself.....Ill be going to the 6/28 show and getting back into line....need to pay face or lower (gee amazing what five shows can do to your wallet)
  4. sold at face value....pay it forward people
  5. I have an extra GA available fro 7/2. Cost is $83.72 and perhaps a beer or fruit smoothie.. Ill be at all five shows and plan on lining up very very early for this one. pm me if interested.
  6. last time at the United Center they did have a couple of portables outside....including a handicapped one which was about the size of a bedroom....as for food lots of people got delivery.
  7. from what I remember from last tour at the UC they opened one of the lots much earlier than two hours...That being said there is a parking lot about 1/2 mile away by the marriot that's about half of what the UC charges. I know other people are staying a few miles away at hotels that are close to public transportation that have free parking. Im planning on having my wife drop me off and go back to a hotel.
  8. I think GA will be super hyped this tour.....The paperless entry will make a huge difference. Less scalped tickets should make a more energetic crowd.....just wondering if anyone else has attended a concert with GA and how the crowd was....
  9. Wow....2 GA for Chicago.....there were still GA's coming up after 9 minutes which is shocking..
  10. Im trying for GA or $70 seats.....im sure ill get the spinning blue wheel of death....
  11. Got it resolved....had to make about four calls....It appears they can change the cc info at the venue the day of the show....
  12. Anyone have any experience about losing a credit card with a paperless entry....I lost the card in a public place and had it canceled and replaced with a new card and a new number. I called ticketmaster and the venue and shockingly received conflicting answers. I have the bank statement and the order receipt. This is for Chicago on 6/28. What im trying to avoid is a hiccup in the GA line...
  13. I love fancam....fun to look back and see all the people you were in line with. Its amazing how detailed the images are
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