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  1. You know, I'm a big vinyl head. I prefer vinyl to everything else. And this is because I am a bit old school in that I like the idea of listening to music as being an active experience - HAVING to get up and turn the vinyl over, looking through the sleeve or booklet etc... For me music has ALWAYS been about the entire package, not just the song. So, for me, vinyl is the perfect annual gift (though... this year's and last year's I thought were kind of lame). That being said, I'm not like everyone else. And I respect that. I 100% agree that U2.com/Fanfire (or whoever) would save a bunch of money if they would ask which each subscriber would prefer when they acknowledge the gift for the year. Sure, some people who don't have a turntable may still ask for the vinyl because it's a cool collector's item, but by and large I think most people who don't have one aren't going to want one. Personally, I was thinking, if the purpose is to have a collector's item, why not also give the option of a CD that's designed the same way etc? That way non-vinyl folks can get something they can hold in their hands, that's tangible. That would at the very least make a collection of songs like the one they gave this year (three songs that, quite frankly, if you're invested enough in U2 to be a paying member, you likely have already) something that's unique - that no one else has. CDs are WAY cheaper to do, still make a useful collector's item, and you can still get the digital off the site (or rip the CD). Anyway... that's my two cents. I personally love that vinyl is so in right now. I have nearly collected all of U2's work in vinyl (the reissues... POP and Zooropa make me so happy and I'm dying for Passengers to get released - what a perfect sit-and-listen), I have all the Killers, most of Smashing Pumpkins, and I'm on the home stretch of Oasis - just to name a few. At the same time, it's not for everyone. And that's okay! I think it would be smart for U2.com to acknowledge that. Why NOT make your paying fans happy when it's something so easy to do? As for the gift itself...? I'm still a bit perplexed why, with all of the recording of EVERYTHING that U2 does, why don't we have more rarities or outtakes or demos or what-have-you sitting on our shelves?
  2. I can't find the post now but whoever said that he/she would like to know how these things are chosen and who, ultimately, makes the final decision, I'm 100% on board with. Here's the thing. I love U2. I will probably always resubscribe - I've done it since the Elevation Tour (I think... is that when it started?). I am very well aware that U2 specifically is not necessarily to blame for the choice of material or the gift itself - that's LiveNation, most likely. BUT I used to work in a call center. I was employed by a big computer company. When I spoke to a customer on the phone, I wasn't Ender, I was that company. The point I'm trying to make here is U2 not making these decisions doesn't matter - it's their name on the site. And the fact that they are that uninvolved in this process doesn't help matters and actually makes things a bit worse, I wager. I don't blame them for the choice, but I do certainly blame them for their seeming lack of involvement in it. These are, after all, the folks who love them. the folks who are their most die-hards. There's an episode of Frasier where he has a Halloween party where everyone is supposed to come dressed as their hero. And Frasier has developed a game around the evening where everyone is supposed to answer a series of questions as their hero - a psychological experiment. At one point, no one wants to play the game anymore, and Frasier says something to the tune of "well if we're not playing the game then we're just people standing around in random costumes - it's anarchy!" The reason we are here is because of the band. If the band isn't here, isn't involved, isn't a part of this process, then we're just a group of people who like U2 and, frankly, we can chat about that connection anywhere we want. We don't have to pay this place to do it. For the gift? Why? Most die-hard fans who would be willing to pay the annual fee already have these songs. For the tickets? Why? If you're a citicard member you can get more than you can as a U2 fan (and in my case, ticket prices were so high I'm actually not seeing them for the first time ever). I'm not suggesting a rebellion against U2 or anything like that. We hold them to a certain standard. That's why we're here. It is on them to meet it. Not Live Nation. It's U2's name on the door. I have a very, VERY small fan base. I have no idea what it's like to be huge like U2, and never will. But I talk to that fan base ALL the time. I HAVE to know what they want, what they are looking for, what they expect. I can't meet all the needs and expectations of even this small group. I get that. But I'm always, PERSONALLY, involved. And one way or another (I know this is easy to say NOW) I will find a way to always be. It's smart marketing and smart business sense. No, I'm not going to make a screamo album if even enough of my fan base requests it. It's not me. And they know that so they wouldn't ask it anyway. That's not what they would expect of me. But within the boundaries of why they like me in the first place, hecks yeah I'm going to do everything I can to make sure they're satisfied. U2, and LiveNation, can't please everyone in this membership community. I wouldn't expect them to. I don't think hardly anyone would. And while I don't agree that everyone is entitled to getting a gift they like (that's an unreasonable expectation in a group this disparate), I DO agree that we are entitled - by way of having paid the membership - to know more about how this relationship with LiveNation works, how the gifts are determined and, finally, settled on, and why the opinions of fans who are getting these gifts don't matter. I also do believe that smart work and research - working closely with the mods as a middle ground for instance - would allow U2 and LiveNation to have a real pulse on this community and be able to give them something they largely like. That doesn't take much work. If nothing else - and by the way I'm in the pro-vinyl camp - I don't understand why, if they are going to release music as a gift, apart from releasing music we kind of already have, they don't give the option to deliver that music in more than one collectible format - ie: vinyl AND CD. I'm not a fan of coming to a party where the host never shows up.
  3. If they do a 30th Anniversary box set of Rattle and Hum (which I admit I'll buy just to have it) when they didn't do POP last year, I'll riot.
  4. I'm sorry you're bummed about the gift. I hear ya. I mean, I LOVE vinyl. I've been collecting it for a decade now so I'm cool with this being vinyl. Not really cool with the content etc. I'm like... Rattle And Hum? Really?! That being said, I think you're spot on about the CD aspect. If they are going to do a music release and vinyl is a part of that and, knowing that not everyone wants or can play vinyl, therefore many will want an alternative, why not even go the extra step past mp3/lossless and actually PRESS a CD with the same packaging etc? I get it, this is a cool collector's item. But if you're just not into vinyl (regardless of whether or not you can play it) then an mp3 is not really a fair consolation in my estimation. I think if they want to please MORE people (they can't please them all), they should say "this year's gift is music, which do you prefer, CD or Vinyl" and that way those who want CD not only get something they can/prefer to play but they also get the collector's aspect of it too.
  5. I'm with you. I mean, I'll take it. I love vinyl. But I'm not gonna lie... after all the arguments that POP didn't get a proper celebration in 2017 because it wasn't "popular" this is kind of mindnumbing. U2 once again blatantly ignoring anything that came between Achtung Baby and ATYCLB. Yes, I know they re-released the vinyl, but I would have expected something more from an album and tour that was a massive endeavor (and actually did quite well despite the FlopMart nonsense). I would imagine there are a lot of U2 fans who aren't quite as deep into the POP years and would be floored by some of what that experience was. I was 17 when that whole thing was happening. Just an insane and fun period.
  6. I'm pretty much in the same boat. I couldn't even afford any tickets in Nashville. So I'm not going at all. I used to be mad about this band. Now I'm just meh. I think this might be the last year I subscribe to the fanclub too.
  7. Yeah... pretty upset about these ticket prices. Behind stage where I can't see the screen is not worth it for me. And then anything where you can see the screen is over $300, even in the upper 300 level seats?! No. Pass. First one I'm missing due to pricing. Not happy about it either.
  8. I think I got it. Did I not get it?
  9. Hey thank you so much for the kudos! I really really appreciate it. Sorry I haven't responded - again, I'm not getting pinged for some reason. You'll love the new stuff that's coming...
  10. Ohhh interesting! Oh my gosh. I had forgotten that! You raise a very interesting thought. Thanks! Everyone should check out Ender's website. I have, and it's got some very good stuff on it. (Not that I'm an authority on what is good but I am wise enough to be a rabid U2 fan.) There's one song I'm especially going back to hear. He also writes. Check it out. Oh wow, man, thanks! Would love to know what tunes you're digging.
  11. I would have liked SOE and dont really believe the JT30 hype -inc. the rushed look and feel to the tour publicity flyer, video, etc. My view I think JT is being used to create interest in the band to sell SOE off the back of - As there was a risk that SOE would be lost in the noise of the current throw away Pop culture because SOE wasnt completed in the originally announced time frame. I may be wrong but thats what the cynic in me says. That said looking forward to seeing a show or two of the JT30. But totally agree we need more Pop, U2's greatest album and tour in my view .... love it Remaster .... Please! I want to say this in a nice way and hope it comes out as such ... U2 spend more time in the studio making music instead of instagraming your holiday snaps. .... dont believe the hype .... +1 They should have focused on SOE - putting this JT tour out will be commercially a success, but creatively it is going BACKWARD. It is an unclear message from a band that once proud itself on reinventing and being innovative. Perhaps a limited small scale JT reboot would have been good rather than slap it into the middle of SOI and SOE. JT30 isn't a surprise - everyone knew it would be 30 years in 2017. Yes the changing political landscape is impacting the world but really? Is that why U2 thought it would be great to tour with it again in 2017? I often find fans go wild at the slightest mention of any tour. Yes it is good to see the band in person but we really need to be more critical (some are which is good) because that is what drives them to do BETTER. I agree with the poster above that is is to make £, meet commercial obligations and generate interest. No doubt it will be a good tour and we will all be raving about hearing the songs again. I would give up seeing them on the JT30 tour if they spent that time in the STUDIO making SOE their greatest creative work - something to surpass the JT. To me that is the mark of greatness - not looking back at what you did before. Perhaps I am a middle aged grumpy man! However, I still want to feel the way I did when hear JT, Acthung Baby for the first times. Blown away by something that is lights years ahead of whatever else was around at the time. U2 need to do that with SOE. You know... this kind of makes me think of something else. I'm a huge wrestling fan. Have been since the early 90s. Laugh if you want. But even now, 20 years after acts like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg, The Rock etc, WWE relies on bringing these names back for their big shows in order to sell tix and raise ratings (which are abysmal, btw) rather than developing amazing acts, deep characters and thrilling stories. I've seen all of the current superstars face each other a trillion times. What do I care about Randy Orton or Triple H in the main event of Wrestlemania (even if I love both?) Even John Cena has been the face of the company for over a decade. I'm all for things like greatest hits and retrospective, remastered releases. It's fun to revisit things like that in a new, expanded way. But to actually go back and DO it again seems like... well in this case the U2 version of Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar in this year's WrestleMania. Meh. Also, POP, dammit!
  12. I do totally agree with this from the business standpoint. As in, looking at it from a money-making business sense a JT tour would certainly make more money than, say, a POP tour. But, I'm not arguing for THAT. I guess I'm just disappointed that instead of a remaster and reissue of POP we're getting a second JT tour, and a third (fourth if you count the best of) retrospective of the JT era. Why not chuck a POP reissue out to fans? They did it with October!
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