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  1. 28115 labour day goodnight you all, im going to sleep
  2. 28113 well happy counting counters im off for a shower and music
  3. 28112 ok im sorry we have a public holiday and you dont, are you at work
  4. you my mammy getting hot in a photo booth miami i said you looked like a madonna you said maybe said i want to have your baby... baby, baby we could make something beautiful something that wouldn't be a problem we could make something beautiful
  5. 28110 happy monday, enjoying a whiskey and music now
  6. 28104 havent seen you in a while, hello
  7. you act like you never had love and you want me to go without
  8. 28092 oh so you think im funny now huh, well to you
  9. flash backs of aha for some reason lol and thanks
  10. 28090 i miss my old dog, this dog expect service all the time which i do but he give little in return where as my other dog used to give me hugs and kisses all the time randomly, im beginning to wonder who was more spoilt rocky 1 or rocky 2
  11. now i need to let you know you don't have to go it alone and it's you when i look in the mirror and it's you when i don't pick up the phone sometimes you can't make it on your own
  12. 28088 well see you counters have a good weekend.. i better go take a shower now although i rather not just yet anyway off to shower drink whiskey and listen to music
  13. thinkin out loud - ed sheeran, i love this song its so sweet, im truly not surprised it won awards
  14. song that made some sense out of the world everything i ever lost, now has been returned in the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard
  15. 28087 once you push me too far, theres no turning back for me it takes a second, so play nice peoples, lots love for now caroleen..
  16. hugs to thin air bc that all i have {{oo}}
  17. harderst thing you'll ever do i have a will for survival so you can hurt me and then hurt me some more (sorry bono but not everyone is like you lol, im not)
  18. 28086 goodnight counters, im off to listen to music and water the garden, fun fun
  19. 28079 well i won the scrabble game
  20. 28078 see you all later perhaps, im off to play scrabble and listen to music
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