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  1. play it again - luke bryan see me in the mirror - alice cooper we will fight till the end - cloud storm second - u2
  2. Who can stop us now It's much too late Can't slow us down We can't hesitate I want a love that's hard As hard as hate Levitate
  3. they say schitzophrenia and ocd is a fine line between genius and insanity i dont need thought control either but i like to be told an answer when i ask a question so yes i like education never liked brick in the wall its too rebellious which wont end too good.....!!!! i want to kiss you all over and over again was what i woke up with
  4. kings will rule and the poor will toil And tear their hands as they tear the soil But a day will come in this dawning age When an honest man sees an honest wage Hold me now - oh, hold me now Till this hour has gone around And I'm gone on the rising tide For to face Van Diemen's land
  5. hugs to all the lovely couples out there like this..
  6. 31854 see you all later perhaps its such a lovely day here even outside so going to enjoy this day with my loved ones..
  7. 31841 feel like i honestly am getting the raw end of the deal here, dont care for baggage or materealism so no im not lucky and what matters most is just abused to maximum and it has lost its quality of precious and special and rarity and im not pleased about it at all makes me value something other sometimes and know that that wont fail me
  8. Under a blood red sky A crowd has gathered in black and white Arms entwined, the chosen few The newspapers says, says Say it's true it's true... And we can break through Though torn in two We can be one I... I will begin again I... I will begin again
  9. East by the moon You saw me coming But can you feel It's alright Your blue room
  10. the most beautiful sound i'd ever heard
  11. i was made for loving you in my head before bedtime..i love that song
  12. 37767 hello hope you counters are all well.. tip of the day dont follow crowds or follow suit.... instead follow your head your insticct..... and good book...
  13. enemy fire....ryan adams controlling crowds....archive true story.....!!!
  14. surrounding me going down on me spilling over the brim....
  15. Don't be stupid, don't be ridiculous - sharia twain..
  16. had a song stuck in my head yesterday and cant remember what it was and yesterday didnt know the title, so annoyed i dont know the title of it lol
  17. to save my save my soul Looking in the places where no flowers grow Looking for to fill that God shaped hole Mother mother sucking rock and roll, mother
  18. where is everybody ??

    1. pain_18_
    2. pain_18_


      HEY, 123 !!!!!! Dropped by to say HELLO !!!!!!

    3. pain_18_


      HAPPY NEW 2017, 123love, HOPE ALL is well and God Bless !!! xoxox

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  19. And you can swallow Or you can spit You can throw it up Or choke on it And you can dream So dream out loud
  20. 31028 have a good one everyone.. im getting off the net to snuggle doggy and listen to music.. my eyes are burning
  21. 31023 enjoy the show everyone.. im just going to listen to music in bed and keep warm..its winter here so its cold
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