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  1. they say schitzophrenia and ocd is a fine line between genius and insanity i dont need thought control either 

    but i like to be told an answer when i ask a question so yes i like education

    never liked brick in the wall its too rebellious which wont end too good.....!!!!


    i want to kiss you all over and over again

    was what i woke up with

  2. kings will rule and the poor will toil 

    And tear their hands as they tear the soil 
    But a day will come in this dawning age 
    When an honest man sees an honest wage

    Hold me now - oh, hold me now 
    Till this hour has gone around 
    And I'm gone on the rising tide 
    For to face Van Diemen's land

  3. 31841 feel like i honestly am getting the raw end of the deal here, dont care for baggage or materealism so no im not lucky and what matters most is just abused to maximum and it has lost its quality of precious and special and rarity

    and im not pleased about it at all 

    makes me value something other sometimes and know that that wont fail me

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