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  1. oh that was'nt an implimentfrown.gif Imeant it in away that she took the wrong set course to set an example to those onlookers as guardian and lesson maker lol but I do know what you mean smile.gif
  2. Do you know what the future holds ?

    lifes new pursuits yet untold ,


    like bubbles floating through tunnels of mercury

    of speed of time beasting a new symphony ,


    Perhaps the sun as blue as the sea ,

    and hills with much unseen antiquity,


    As we flicker in and out of our own pleasure's

    transferance to places and to our love's endeavor's,


    With feelings of joy , peace and humility ,

    giving us full assurance of faith and stability,


    With everything possible and unimaginable ,

    and blessing's not mentioned or even fathomable


    Within God's glory and his grace ,

    paradise to come will sure be ''the place '',


    Passages and experiences to explore in his thoughts so high ,

    of unlimitless beauties to discover yet nigh !,


    As we sit and contemplate all these secret doors ,

    what must we do to attain such a score ?


    With strength , power and conviction we must be bold ,

    to be able to obtain what the future hold's.....


    by me ,123lovewink.gif

  3. imageI'd personally love to see u2 do their owncommercial advertising for their upcoming tours and posted on you tube ,

    that way we get to see them and their knowledge of each state, well kind of , history , geography and see what mark is left behind?? What would you like tosee them do?

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