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  1. You asked the venue itself? I asked them if we could use our code again, and they said to check with you guys.
  2. I think there were more Asians/locals buying in the Wires presale. Expecting a lot of people from the region to come down for this show.
  3. Wow, i’m surprised by how many people signed up for membership to get the tickets. Then again, i wonder how many tickets were reserved for the presales.
  4. I know it’s still early at this point, but for fans who run the numbered GA queues, do they usually have to seek prior approval from the venue first?
  5. If the GA tickets have multiple entry points around the stadium, that will be a huge problem. This issue has occurred before for shows like Ed Sheeran and Coldplay.
  6. Good luck to those participating in the SG presale tomorrow!
  7. I also called the venue to double check on the refund. Did they tell you that your presale code has been reset?
  8. I understand that we can also call the ticketing hotline during the presale. I assume we just verbally tell them our code?
  9. I have a question. I'm planning to use my code to get 4 tickets for the Singapore pre-sale on Monday. Am I allowed to get 2 GA and 2 seated tickets? Or is the code restricted to just 1 ticket price?
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