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  1. Does anyone have a list of all the songs played? There were a couple songs we thought sounded cool and haven idea what they were. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hehe that was the greatest show ever! And my first time in GA Abd we managed to get into the inner circle and we were late getting there ! Ha! We had a great time
  3. lol hahaha so true. i signal THE FUNGYEYEPOCALYPSE!!!! yeah, i have been here, rarely.. very rarely...posting a spore here and there. lol.
  4. well hey.. if the end of the world happens when everyones in denver seeing U2.. well then, everyone can escape to the secret mountain caves out there (I think) the governments and elite have to hide out in during the fallout of catastrophic events. hahahahahahhaha NOW!!!! the government on the other hand............ thats a whole other story. and i believe many of those conspiracy theories about them, and them hiding shit from us... are actually fact. or partial fact. a lot of things have actually come out, and then hushed. theres also alot of existing things as of now, that prove they kee
  5. www.godlikeproductions.com go have fun with some weird dungbeetle trolls. yes, its a conspiracy site and these people will make you even more crazy and paranoid and psychotic and make you think you're head will explode and Fish People aliens are kidnapping you in the middle of the night, each Thursday or something. i love conspiracy theories, i even believe some, and some have even come out to be fact, or near-proven.. even if *I* even know some are bullshit (like this May 21 thing), its still just fun to read about, and read people's comments. we weren't meant to know the exact
  6. yes... a very very big mistake u2 becoming involved with livenation/universal. the end of u2? no. at least i hope not!! but it sure is leading things down a bad path, thats for sure. and things being handled badly and the band sounds like they're being rather restricted/controlled, obviously. but what can ya do?
  7. [quote name='basher1 wrote: Panth']OKay. Now this is too far. Seriously dude fuck off and die. No really, go burn all your U2 albums and leave, otherwise your supporting racism and terrorism. Seriously Panth erm no i will not fuck off and die how fucking dare you you little shit. so i posted something that doesn't agree with all you "Bono can do no wrong" arseholes away and fuck off. if i hadn't posted it some other fucker would. So whats the problem here????.....it was reported i posted it is it maybe because Sint Bono is being bashed????.....probably but then again a lot of u2
  8. so basher.. why the fuck are you even on this board still if you think bono is a racist and he has accrued so much hatred into you all of the sudden out of the blue? based on one, random ass thing that is completely out of context from what the man even fucking meant??????? seriously now. people, think for yourselves. not just based on what a tabloid or newspaper said. bono had a bad choice of beinging up the topic to begin with, but that certainly and clearly was not what he had meant. endorsing? also, people need to fucking learn the definition of what "endorsement" means. bono didnt endorse
  9. on the other topic... its because journalists all secretly want to find something wrong with u2 or bono to make the headlines, because theres never anything negative for them to report on. so... in turn, they will jump at anything, taken HIM out of context even more, to fit their agenda. they have been doing that for years and years and years. do your research about a situation and especially something as obviously incorrect as this (ie., bono being racist accusations), give the benefit of the doubt and realize something must've been taken outta conext, before you jump the bandwagon. beca
  10. ok, are the "bono is racist!" people THAT stupid? ok, so, you jump to that conclusion.... out of nowhere, within seconds... without researching a bit more of what happened.. just based on an article, or a comment, which obviously had been taken out out of context, like they always do, and bono is always taken out of context... i think a few people on here already put into words correctly what actually happened. bono did not mean what people are thinking he meant. and, for those of you who are screaming that hes racist, who have been fans for.... decades now? or almost? it takes one si
  11. in other words... the well knowns and lesser knowns are both victims of it.
  12. hheeheh i know. what i meant was.. there ARE those select few that are exceptions (radiohead... u2, etc) who are more of the well-known bands that are still awesome and still doing amazing music, and evolving and keeping it true. depeche mode, u2, radiohead, etc. all had SPECTACULAR albums. but the media... public, this generation, etc (unless the specific fanbase for those bands) seem to act like they dont even exist or its barely even noticed yet its fucking brilliant stuff. or it might get some attention or care by the public and radio for a few days... and then thats it. then im like WTF
  13. listen to music from just 10 years ago! no wait... make it 12 years ago or older. there was substance to it. even the more crappy ones. hell, even backstreet boys!!!!!! what the hell's happened? it just went to hell. i find myself thinking when listening to music from around then or 90s, 80's, 70s, 60's etc, ahh... whatever happened to music. theres no music anymore. theres no more joy or want or need or inspiration to go all out and beyond and embrace music like it once was. more and more artists are just seeming to not give a crap anymore... because of the above mentioned things. the
  14. oh and that idiot girl from "jersey shore " now has a new album or song or something out called "I'm hot!". bet ya that tops the charts in a few weeks. it'll be right up there with keisha... and whatever else is up there right now, which im not even sure... because ive never even heard of it or heard it before. just sounds like keisha and whatever other skankpop. lol I AM A BITTER MUSIC SNOB!! OKAY! Okay. LOL
  15. everyone already knows my rantage on this subject....... lol. i went into a huge rant today for about an hour about just this. and well, yeah. a very massive percentage of people (mainstream society) dont truly care about music anymore... just the trash thats out there right now. everything else is getting tossed to the side or not being given any attention and its suffering. music is not the same as it was before. and i wonder if it ever will be. except for a few exceptions. it just seems appreciation of actual music is gone. any type of music thats getting through is just... i wouldnt eve
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