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  1. 45545 Out camping 🙂 even been bathing in the lake 😎
  2. 45539 I’m not so keen on Formula 1. Guess the speed is a bit terrifying.
  3. 45537 Who would have thought the world would be like this,six months ago........not even in my wildest fantasies. Everytning is open in Sweden and has been the whole time. The amusment parkswill not be open this summer though. I just hope I can go to Iceland for Chrismas. People from Sweden might have to be tested at arrival and do the two weeks qarantine. Sweden is one of the high risk countries, with USA,Russia, Brasil and India. Pretty unbelievable. We can't even travel to Norway and Denmark.
  4. 45535 We're all one of a kind 😉 Sweden hasn't been doing that good during the pandemic, Ic.land did much better untill they opened the borders, Today was my last day at work for the summer, now I have four weeks vacation, with no special plan. People are recomended to stay at home, so I guess I'll be crazy by the end of the summer.
  5. 45533 Thanks Padawan. I'm good, been working a lot......and enjoying live in general.......and in fact stayed healthy 😀 How about you ??
  6. 45531 Here comes a one lost sheep that found it's way back..............last time I was here was 11 pages away. So I guess a lot has happned.........new Zoo look!!.......and a upside down world. Hope you're all doing good.
  7. 45 418 just got lost for a while and almost didn’t find my way back 😳 ....so the lesson is DON’T LEAVE ❤️
  8. 45 270 I always play Monopoly with my nieces in Iceland.......with Icelandic streets ❤️
  9. 45 269 Hope you get rid of the germs 🦠 Caz..... and who won the Monopoly game Palawan??
  10. If we’re not in Seoul...... then this is the place to be ❤️ So her I am 😀
  11. 45 266 Sounds like a lot of fun 😀 (sorry about the counting miss 🥴)
  12. 45 263 What’s the deal with the record club.....sounds fun.
  13. 45 262 On my way home from work after a great U2 day 👍👍
  14. Thanks for today ❤️ See you on Sunday for another epic show 🔥🔥
  15. That’s when we have to go up for the US shows.... so I know the feeling 😆
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