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  1. bedazzle them like Edge's Achtung baby pants.
  2. just listened a couple days ago, and had to come back to re listen the WOWY... just to confirm that Adam is in fact playing what sounds to me the intro of Journey's "Don't stop believing" in the outro... anybody else hearing that, or am I just weird that way?
  3. I watched it the other night on the Time Warner Cable on demand... first I ever heard of Ian McColluch wanting to kill him... Julian Cope described a rivalry w/ U2 in the Teardrop Explodes days when the 2 groups toured the U.S. for the first time the same year, in different circles. Good book by mr Cope called 'Head On'. I only mention this because Ian was in that band before Echo and the Bunnymen. Good show, Two shot of Happy, one shot of sad performed, as well as Stuck in a moment, and a fumbling though hilarious medley of Boots/Pump it up/ Subterranean Homesick Blues (sadly no verses
  4. What is odd is that this is maybe the first time the press has mentioned Bono just hanging out in Omaha, cuz I think he comes to town whenever he can for the DATA stuff, he did make a Lincoln appearance for World AIDS Day a few years back and brought Ashley Judd and Lance Armstrong with him. Besides the Omaha show for Vertigo, I doubt Edge, Larry and Adam have set foot in Nebraska, except for crossing it in a bus between Chicago and Denver. And the Dell is like 2 blocks from Warren Buffett's house, the B-man could have walked past my brother's apartment. :-)
  5. At the Dundee Dell.... great place for fish and chips... and they have a great assortment of Scotch to boot. Susie Buffett is Warren's daughter, and heads up DATA, the foundation she runs. I only wish Bono would bring the other 3 here more often than the one time. Oh and there is a lot of musical output in Omaha, I'm not a fan, but that Conor O'berst kid and The Faint.... Cursive, 311 are from O-town. Lincoln has some good bands too: For Against, The Millions (back in the day), The Show is the Rainbow, Mercy Rule. That and a ton of bands come to Nebraska to record: Rilo Kiley, M. Ward t
  6. thanks for posting these. Wasted a good 2 hours or so. :-) Now I must go and re watch the NU-OU game.... BiG GRIN
  7. I just got done reading an excellent memoir of Jake Slichter's days w/ Semisonic.... very common for a record company to take a peek at the songs during mixdown and going in and saying... we don't hear a hit, go back and add 2 or 3 songs and we'll go from there... I would gather that is the reason we get Boots and Stand Up.... why there was the delay in release and the seemingly forced PR campaign w/the Grammys, Letterman, Brits, and BBC appearances. IMO. You would think U2 would have Carte blanche, but I would have no idea what their contract is. Folks get their panties in a bunch for U2 mo
  8. I like the record a lot, but like some have stated, there are a couple duds, just like any other record out there.... it is telling that Stand Up Comedy has not been played (has it?) on the 360. They should have listened to Eno and swapped Winter for Stand Up and left Boots on the cutting room floor, would have had a bigger impact for me. That said, No Line stands on its own... and if Boots is this records 'Trip through your wires' so be it. It takes some cajones for U2 to not play Pride and Bad. I was hoping they'd go rogue and also leave Streets, WOWY, and maybe even Sunday.... and
  9. It's even more depressing that Ames ended up w/ it. If you go back to Farm Aid in 1987, that stadium is just not built to host a concert, they had to hand carry the stage and PA for that event, same thing with, shudder, Larry the Cable Guy. I think you'd have to destroy South Stadium just to make it semi-tractor accessible. You should know though, that the Athletic Director Bill Byrne at the time, was the AD at Oregon State before Nebraska, and they funded the whole football program by hosting Greatful Dead shows in the eighties. It's not like he wanted to say no to U2, just physically impos
  10. I'm pleased that you are pleased :-) Watching the rose bowl show, it kind of clicked that the No Line, UF, and especially the Achtung Baby songs go very well together. I'm thinking U2 doing Ultraviolet is kind of like answering Crazy, by going crazy. Now, if we could just convince them to do Lady w/ the spinning head.
  11. U2 should just run the ball! Er.... oops, I'm on the wrong board. :-) No really, keep it simple, Songs of Ascent should have no press, no single release, no radio push... and no known release date, nor should it be made available online, just have it show up in stores unannounced, and let it build up from the ground up. And tour in front of it.... start playing those tunes on the next leg before it gets out, let the concert be the leak, not the internet.
  12. My only response to the first post would be, If you don't like government run programs... refuse Medicare/medicaid when you reach retirement age, don't drive on any streets or highways, when you buy groceries, add 20% to the bill to make up for all the ag subsidies, and don't use the internet, since the government invested the money to get it off the ground, as well as built the pipe it travels on. As far as the health care debate, the numbers are in favor of a public option in the area of 65% and up. Something like 70% of bankruptcies in the U.S. are the result of health care related issues.
  13. If you want to hear what an amateur sounds like in a large space, go find Roseanne Barr singing the Star Spangled Banner before a baseball game. You want to hear a pro, go see Bono. A stage isn't like the studio, you can't hear every little thing, you go on muscle memory and looking your bandmate in the eye for a cue. You can't hear what the audience hears. I've never used in ears, but I would imagine it would be something like putting on a pair of stethoscopes and listening to yourself speak, while having a loud stereo on behind you. And if you ever wondered why bass players stand in
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