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  1. 250 fans in the line, 28 hours before of the first U2 concert.
  2. O Flayherty wrote: Bono's Coexist is how different religions can agree on certain moral principles and lock arms to help with issues like poverty, fighting against AIDS, seeking peace in the world, fighting third world debt, etc. Bono has made this abundantly clear in a number of speeches...see his talk at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington a couple years ago. He also made it clear when he saw his disagreement with the Dali Lama and wrote the song, "One"...we're one, but we're not the same. Also, see my blog on Redemptive Universalism where I deal with this in longer detail.
  3. Scott Montes wrote: Greg....following is an article written by Bono to be published in the NY Times on Sunday......I think it shows Bono's spiritual side, and his views on religion. Not sure he would want your labels on the album. I would love to hear your response after reading Bono's words. Following is the Article written by Bono: "I am a long way from the warm breeze of voices I heard a week ago on Easter Sunday. "Glor
  4. Tracy M wrote: You are in more trouble than someone of Muslim or Islamic faith becaus you, by your own admission, have heard the Word and have chosen to ignore it. You will suffer the consequences. I feel sorry for you, and for your children, and that is my thoughtful response. Thankfully, God will not hold children responsible for the sins of the father. Hello Tracy! That comment was kind of scary, I mean not because I'm scared of whatever god may do to me or my child, but because it was some sort of condemnation thrownat someone that doesn't share your beliefs. I just wish
  5. The first prints of the JT had OTH cut by mistake.
  6. Great video, thanks for sharing it with us.
  7. I also saw once an Achtung Baby DAT tape
  8. I would like a rock band as a support act
  9. Hola Flamenkita. Bueno, si no van a Sevilla te tocará viajar a Barcelona. No te lo puedes perder! Suerte y un abrazo
  10. ONE01 wrote: I'm a bit worried Bono spends too much time with "important" people and hope their masonic influence isn't too strong for him. Why are you worried about their masonic influence?
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