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  1. If they don't have anything new or interesting to contribute anymore this should be it. They should end it with dignity like REM did.
  2. This has to be the most stupidest comment i've heard for a long time. I completely agree Gibbo. My head hurts after reading that comment. So, swanny66, what is exactly the problem you have with the "traveling trolls"?
  3. From the LN artists page: http://promo.livenation.com/sponsorship/artist_network.html U2 side-by-side Nickelback. What a shame.
  4. Well said. I'm not sure if I want to be a fan of corporate sellouts anymore... The only thing that would save them is if they put a spectacular album and if they are not greedy when it comes to concert tickets.
  5. I agree, now they have many marketing people trying to see how to sell the product, instead of just one.
  6. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/13/business/media/live-nation-said-to-be-near-deal-for-management-companies.html?_r=1& LN in, McGuinness out. Discuss.
  7. Just another example of the news we get anywhere else except from this official website. Thanks for posting here, there and everywhere else Fernanda!
  8. Well, according to experience, U2.com is NOT the primary source of U2 news. We are mostly informed of bits and pieces of interviews elsewhere. There is no clear communication between the band and their fan base, which is sad.
  9. Apparently they're releasing the song by the end of the month. Another "big surprise" email coming up. WEEEEEE!!!!
  10. According to the Irish Times. It will be available here! Thanks to the Irish Times for delivering the news! http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/video-new-u2-song-ordinary-love-part-of-mandela-biopic-1.1569554
  11. When Arcade Fire made a song for the Hunger Games soundtrack it was made available fully on soundcloud. AF didn't make such a fuzz about it, but the specialized media made one because it was such a good track and it was available for EVERYONE. U2 wants to be relevant so they say? What they made today was laughable at best. What an embarrassment to be a U2 fan these days...
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