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  1. Wire Code for Indy is not working also had trouble with Wire Code for Buffalo this morning, both codes still have 2 tickets on them
  2. my presale code has disappeared from my page! Any idea why my presale code was taken away, I was saving it!
  3. My situation is that, on Dec 3 I went to U2.com to purchase a membership for my 16 year old nephew, I entered all the info, supplied my credit card and it said it was denied I knew this was impossible so I made the submission again and got the same reply, that the card was denied. I called my bank they told me that two charges had just been made to Live Nation in the sum of $57.00 twice, which is the fee for the subscription from Canada. To this day I have those charges on my credit card (as indicated by the bank as I will not get a statement for a month) My nephew nor myself have yet to receive any form of confirmation that I bought the subscription, just that I was charged for it twice by Live Nation. This is very poor service on the part of Live Nation and the U2.com site, sorry but that had to be said There has NEVER in the history of the band been as many problems and fiascos as there have been with this ticket sale. Please note that we HAD wanted to use presale codes for Fridays early sale in Vancouver. Now we wait to see what happens next and to see if we can even take in a show.
  4. thanks for bringing this to the attention of ALL of us, this is bound to happen to a few others so glad to hear there is a solution, thanks to Sherry and thanks to Bw for keeping this pinned!
  5. Well the cat is out and the tour announced, but where do we find the page with presale codes I need mine asap as I have been long time member and my shows go on sale tomorrow where do I find the presale code.
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