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  1. Sorry I missed ya! I was at the first 2 Chicago shows. Drove back home to Dallas on the 6/26. As for the rest of y'all, I wasn't 100% serious about taking Pitnol...maybe more like 50%...I was on the fence, BUT!....after seeing the show there is that Broadway/story element that has to be the same at every show since the boys are trying to tell a story...I get that...but the time they're goofin' around on the e-stage is a better time to really shake things up a bit, and they've only done that just a little bit...they could try harder.
  2. Allegra

    U2 books

    U2 at the End of the World by Bill Flanagan is by far the best book about U2...it's also the funniest and the best written. I was laughing so much, while reading it in bed, I woke up my husband several times. It really felt like you were there with them and experienced everything they experienced. It used to be the "U2 Bible" until U2byU2 came out, but I found U2byU2 very dry and a boring read...it was all just information.
  3. Thanks! She made it in OK. She got GA during a ticket drop.
  5. Damn it!!! I'm sad to report...U2 just lost another die hard fan just a minute ago...I couldn't give her the Pitnol in time...the shame...
  6. Dear U2, Is it already that time we need to bust out the Pitnol??? Really??? Hate to say this boys...a few fans are starting to complain. You better hurry up and change the set-list. I for one am dying to hear Crystal Ballroom live, but in Chicago, which is where I'll be. If not, I'll have to start taking Pitnol as well!
  7. I just sent you a message.
  8. I know someone looking for 1 ticket. I'll message you her number.
  9. That's only if he does read the boards! No proof yet. He used read them back during the old Black Zoo days though.
  10. I know, but every time he tries something new...well like the eyeliner...it just didn't work out. Poor Bono...the man tries too hard not being himself. And I do understand about switching over to blonde...it will take some getting used to though.
  11. Love both these guys, but sorry, Bono will never be Bowie...no matter how hard he tries. OMG...it just occurred to me! Bono and Edge did a Bowie cover at some charity thing not to far back...could it be the connection?...where the idea came from? Again...he's no Bowie.
  12. Exactly, ...the blonde must go! I was against the eyeliner and now I'm against this. Bono just needs to let Bono be.
  13. = Seriously Bono... You look like Ed Begley, Jr. Now stop these shenanigans.....go to your local drug store.....and get yourself some black hair dye. Pleeeeeease! For all that is Holy.
  14. BUCKS FOR BONO!!! Mother of boy battling illness seeks community's help to keep home Posted: Jan 03, 2015 6:39 PM CSTUpdated: Jan 03, 2015 6:39 PM CST COOPER CITY, Fla. (WSVN) -- A South Florida single mother is fighting to save her home after she depleted her savings to pay for her son's medical bills, and she is reaching out to the community for help. For years, Cooper City resident Jeannie Zapata has struggled to juggle work with taking Bono, her 6-year-old son, to the hospital and medical appointments. "Five days a week we're somewhere regarding one of his therapies, going to the hospital or doctor's visits," she said. Bono, named after U2's front man, whom he's met once, was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at age 3, and has undergone multiple surgeries, nearly 100 infusions and countless hospital visits. "The shots I get, well, I get scared of them," he said. When asked whether he has to go to the hospital a lot, Bono told 7News, "Every day." Jeannie has exhausted her 401(k) to pay for her son's medical bills, and she's fallen behind on her mortgage. Their home, located only 15 minutes away from Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, where Bono receives his treatments, is now on the auction block and could be sold as early as next week. Bono's mother said they need $13,000 to keep their home. "It's very important that we stay where we are, centrally located to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital," said Jeannie. "We just had an incident. On Thanksgiving, he got sick, and I had to take him to another hospital that was close by, but they couldn't treat him, so they had to transport him by ambulance, without me in the actual ambulance, to Joe DiMaggio, so I realized then how important it is that we stay close to that hospital." If you would like to help Jeannie and Bono keep their home, go to [EDIT] . Click on the news article below to find the link if you would like to donate... http://www.wsvn.com/story/27754275/mother-of-boy-battling-illness-seeks-communitys-help-to-keep-home
  15. Thanks a million for sharing this! Wow...this is going to be a real pain in the butt come day of the show for a lot of people I'm sure. Wonder what you're suppose to do if you lose your card or if it gets stolen right before the show when there's not going to be enough time to follow those steps? Wonder if you can get it fixed at a box office window on the day of the show? ....more questions than answers.... If you can prove who you are in person with a drivers license at the box office, I don't understand why you couldn't switch carriers from like AmEx to a Visa? That's ridiculous!
  16. SOoooooo!..... ......This guy was spot on. ......................I say whoever this "Matt" is should be trusted from now on.
  17. Video proof! I know U2.com and the band knows that things didn't go well, but this really shows how frustrating it really was. I hope U2 and Live Nation watch this, and I hope it NEVER happens ever again!
  18. Wow, thanks Allegra!! Did you watch the second one right after that I posted? Jason, the lead singer from L.A.vation, almost sounds like Bono.
  19. Surprised Denver isn't on your possible list. Though, with me being in Dallas and if they stop here, I would be totally shocked and giddy as a school girl! They did not even go through Texas the first leg of the Vertigo tour. But yes, they always come through Dallas or Houston eventually, but I wouldn't put my money on it as one of the 7.
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