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  1. Hi All, Visiting NYC from Australia and looking for 2 tickets to any of these shows. Preferably in the $100-$150 range. thanks! Matt.
  2. Purchased two tickets for MSG I got the error "no open cart for the given Sid" whatever that is, right on the final payment processing screen. My card has been charged but no email confirmation and no tickets in my order history. Presale code also no longer works. They have my money and I've got nothing, so the saga begins.
  3. I've looked but can't find the answer to clarify a couple of things - Presale times - 'All times are local'. Does that mean it's local to each city, or local to Australian EST? Sorry to ask such a dumb question, but it's often forgetten that we in Perth are 2hrs behind the east! Renewal - I just renewed for 2011, and I already had 2 unused codes (2009 - U2A*** & 2010 2U2A***) - Does that mean I'll get a 3rd code '3U2A**'?
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