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  1. Ja op die site van rode lopert: enkel voor Belgen te bekijken
  2. Hmm ik kan dat interview op die Belgische site niet terugzien (derodeloper)...........
  3. @ Nicolleke: heb je nog steeds de kaart van GA Amsterdam van 20 juli over?
  4. dat zijn er best veel. een arena vol zeg maar.
  5. Copy of an email posted by souprqt on U2.com:- I just wanted to share with you all the email I received back from Willie Williams this morning. I wrote to thank him for all the work that he did for theBoston show, how special the night was for me, and how much I appreciated it. In closing I let him know how much we enjoyed his blog and we were all having fun speculating about the shows this summer, including the stage design. I askedhim if the band was going to have access to the outside perimeter as the computer generated images were difficult to figure out. I didn't really expect are
  6. Mixed reviews vind ik wel meevallen. 90% van de fans zijn lovend...
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