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  1. U2 drummer Larry Mullen has criticised music downloading, saying it has become soul destroying for young bands who want to become famous.


    In an interview with 2fm's Larry Gogan yesterday, he also said U2 have stayed together for three decades because they never argue about money or songcredits.


    Mullen revealed that the band's new two-year stadium tour will feature a spaceship-style set.


    He said the band is unaffected by the craze of downloading music for free, but young bands find it very difficult to become successful because of the practice.


    "People don't buy albums. It's about individual songs. It's very difficult for young bands and they end up having to do things and sellthemselves in a way that would have been offensive when we were starting out.


    "I think it's very difficult, this idea that people can take music and download it for free is so soul destroying for a young band.


    "For people like us it makes absolutely no difference and has no real impact, but it does on young songwriters and young bands.


    "Obviously success and selling loads of records is a great thing, but in the end it's not the driving force.


    "It about the creative process and about writing great songs, it's about how you structure your song writing and how you involve the people in yourband.


    "Most bands break up over songwriting credits or over money. If you want to be successful at the top end you've got to find compromise in the way thatyou work.


    "We're still friends but more than that when we get together to write and be creative there is an understanding which is unusual and there is nocompetition for space."


    Despite being a global rock star, Dubliner Mullen was modest about his musical talent, saying: "I'm not even the best drummer in U2. I don't seemyself in that role.


    "Being a drummer is part of my job, but I think I'm a good member of band." The 47-year-old also told more about the band's two-year tourwhich centres around a massive spaceship on stage.


    He said: "We plan to tour this summer. We start off in Europe for two months and then we go to America for two months and we come back in 2010 and startin America and finish off in Europe."


    He added, of the band's new stage design: "From what I've seen it's like a spaceship. It has four legs and this allows us to be placed closeto the centre of the stadium.


    "It hasn't been done before."



    Dus in 2010 komen ze terug.

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