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  1. Has anyone in the UK received it yet? Got my shipping e mail on 10th June but the tracking link still says no record of it????
  2. This is the message I get when I click on the link to track my order. Doesn`t even get to the post office! UPS could not locate the shipment details for this tracking number. Details are only available for shipments made within the last 120 days. Please verify your information.
  3. Has anyone in the UK got their gift? I got the shipping e mail on 11th November. The tracking number doesn`t work - says nothing found. Not received the CD either.
  4. My mistake, its block 402. I'm in block p in Dublin! Its an e ticket so I'm expecting the ticket to be e mailed about 2 weeks before the show so will be a paper ticket.I think its only the ticketless GA which need the card it was bought with to access the venue. Hopefully someone can confirm that?
  5. I have 1 seat in block P, row D seat 493 for sale. I paid £102 including all charges. It is an electronic ticket so can forward the e mail to buyer when I receive it from AXS (probably 2 weeks before). Please e mail if interested.Unfortunately I am working and now cannot go.
  6. I just got the e mail from U2.com about the general sale tomorrow too. I suppose we could all say well they invited us to buy more tickets?!!
  7. I got 2 tickets in the pre sale but want to try for another 2 tickets to the sat night - wish someone knew the answer of is it 2 tickets per show or per tour?
  8. I got the 400 bad request too when I clinked on the link in the e-mail U2 sent me. However, went directly to u2.com via my browser and the link on my account page works ok there. Must be just a duff link in the e-mail???
  9. I`ve not received the list.............have I been missed off? I sent my details on 17th November.
  10. E mail sent with my details! Thanks for organising it again.
  11. Time for another Larry apology I think! Well its about time he made an appearance to prove he doesn`t go into deep freeze between concert tours...how else does he keep looking so young?
  12. lol.......at least you can teach your kids about the effects of alcohol in a safe environment .........so when they get older and start going out they have some knowledge of how it will affect them.
  13. I always thought it was very civilised having a port and lemonade when I got in from school in winter......to warm me up of course!
  14. I see we have the same tastes!! I have to remember though to leave the Baileys bottle alone when I`m going to work. Wouldn`t look good going in smelling of booze.....!! Also I`m currently having a rather large glass of port with a slice of lemon...my love of port is all my parents fault..I started drinking it when I was about 5 years old and as I`ve got older the lemonade has got less/gone !!
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