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  1. Hello romanorton, The only time I have been to AT&T Stadium to see a concert was the last time U2 played there in 2009 shortly after the stadium had opened. I got in line around 3 am and was in line all day. There is a Walmart near by that we walked too to go to the bathroom and buy snacks. There are also a few restaurants near by. The fan running the line wrote a number on everyone's hand. BTW I was able to get the exact spot I wanted on the outside rail at that show. We'll probably have a better idea of what it will be like based on Houston's show a few days before. It should be much more organized that that IE Phoenix 1 show (which I was at). just one month to go until Dallas, yeah!
  2. Thank you so much Vianen and thank you again Gogme United!
  3. Thank you Atomic Bomb, any tips on which neighborhood to stay in?
  4. This information was very helpful! One more question, do you recommend buying train tickets from Amsterdam to Brussels (for July 31) far in advance or is this something I can easily purchase a few days before in Amsterdam? Thank you very much Gogme United!
  5. Hello Everyone, I will be visiting Brussels for the very first time and I am looking for recommendations of neighborhoods that are ideal to stay in/ hotels that are safe and easy to get to/ from the arena. Also, based on previous experience when do people start lining up for GA? The day before, several days before or the day of? Thank you, Latha
  6. Hello Everyone, Now that the Dutch elections are over I asked for the time off this morning from my manger and I am ready to book my very 1st trip to Amsterdam. The Netherlands will be country #24 for me and I am very excited! I will be attending both shows and I am looking for recommendations of neighborhoods/ hotels that are safe and easy to get to/ from the arena. Also, based on previous experience when do people start lining up for GA? The day before, several days before or the day of? Thank you, Latha
  7. Latha

    Fan Meetup Denver

    https://www.facebook.com/events/659378714184477/ For our #U2ieTourDenver MeetUp, we will meet for dinner, drinks and giveaways starting at 7:30pm Friday June 5th at Hard Rock Cafe Denver. We have tables reserved for us under Deena Dietrich / On the Road with U2
  8. thank you! I just followed you on Instagaram @Padmalatha. What time did you line up? Enjoy the show tonight, I have RZ for Denver 2!
  9. Hello, Do any of you have a hotel recommendation for Denver 1 and 2? I am flying in from Dallas for the shows. Thank you!
  10. I will be at the Friday show, am flying in from Dallas Friday morning so will not be able to line up very early for my GA. I am very excited! p.s. just booked the Renessaince Pheonix Downtown Hotel for just $95 a night on kayak.com and it is a 5-minute walk from the concert.
  11. Just wanted to let you know that the Phoenix Renaissance Hotel is on sale right now for $95 a night and is just a 5-minute walk from the US Airways Center. This is especially great if you are lining up for GA on either night. I just made this reservation on www.Kayak.com.
  12. I am listening live and loving it!!!!
  13. I <3 You Bono, can't wait to see you on stage again next year! xxo
  14. Get well soon Bono, can't wait to see you live this summer!!! <3
  15. I know! That physic scene was the one that really, truly stands out in my mind. People in the theater where going nuts! Borat made me super uncomfortable, Bruno just had me laughing out of shock. However, Sasha Baron Cohen is a genius and so very intelligent! I also loved the'DarFive' line and scene with the two charity promoters... you can tell he is trying hi best not to crack up and come out of character. Tha ladybeating him simply scared me, and him as well I think, LOL
  16. Do not read if you want to remain surprised... Bono is in Bruno! I went to a special pre-screening last night and screamed with delight when Bono appeared on screen and loudly announced to everyone aroundme, just incase they didn't know, OMG it's Bono!!! Also be warned this movie is not for the faint of heart; a few people actually got up and walked out of the screening early on. Looking forward to talkingabout the movie more when everyone has seen it.
  17. With a scoop of the very yummy One Cheesecake Brownie
  18. Chad wrote: I just got the call today and I got in for Wednesday next week! So stoked anyone else going during the week? I'm VERY Jealous... ENJOY!!!
  19. I flew out to San Jose, Ca and was in the first row just outside the bomb shelter!
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