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  1. Thank you so much Vianen and thank you again Gogme United!
  2. This information was very helpful! One more question, do you recommend buying train tickets from Amsterdam to Brussels (for July 31) far in advance or is this something I can easily purchase a few days before in Amsterdam? Thank you very much Gogme United!
  3. Hello Everyone, Now that the Dutch elections are over I asked for the time off this morning from my manger and I am ready to book my very 1st trip to Amsterdam. The Netherlands will be country #24 for me and I am very excited! I will be attending both shows and I am looking for recommendations of neighborhoods/ hotels that are safe and easy to get to/ from the arena. Also, based on previous experience when do people start lining up for GA? The day before, several days before or the day of? Thank you, Latha
  4. With a scoop of the very yummy One Cheesecake Brownie
  5. I flew out to San Jose, Ca and was in the first row just outside the bomb shelter!
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