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  1. Just saw them tonight in Tokyo. It was a fantastic set. What I mean is their music is great (they are drenched in influence, but are not just copy cats) At no point was I thinking of anything else except how great these songs sound. They are easy to listen to...not extremes, but solid, tight playing in a groove (does that make sense) they have depth and maturity to the music that reflects what they listen to (based on the pre-show playlist). The mix was great. the performance was captivating. 10/10...will see them again.
  2. Nailed it Max! The vibe was superb both days, anyone I spoke to was just an instant friend. We made a new great friend who flew all the way from Egypt with only a ticket for the 1st show (her first!).....U2 magic ensued, and we told her to come on the 2nd day with nothing but Hope....she met The Edge, and then we found her a ticket! Hahaha! What I loved about these shows were the heartfelt words by Bono...more poetic than before, the Boys played with a real purpose, and just Bang, bang, bang one song into the next....the set was so tight! The poetry on the screen before the show sets a beautiful tone. 'The show must go on....?' Favorite statement/question from my favorite moment of the show....it almost got dark, but the Edge's light brought us back!
  3. So excited for these shows. 30 years since my first U2 show. 😬 10 years since our last live show with them in Paris. 😮 Drinking Aussie Red on my balcony looking out at Tokyo. It's a beautiful night...will be a Beautiful day tomorrow! Enjoy everyone! Salut! 🍶
  4. Hey gang, just an update. Picking up the Tickets from 7/11 is a piece of cake. All you need is the confirmation e-mail with the ticket number on it. I just said in English 'Concert Ticket pick up' and showed the dude the e-mail with number. Boom. Just push the O.K. button on his register screen, sign a small paper that he keeps, and you're done. for the 2nd show just say '1 more', and repeat the process. No I.D. no nothing. Grab a beer on your way out! 😀
  5. I like it. A beautiful idea, simply stated. More of a captured poem than a song, which resonates with me because I'm reading Marcus Aurelius 'Meditations' Which is similar...captured ideas.
  6. Thanks so much for the reports guys, going to be picking up our tickets over the weekend. Will add a comment on how it goes!
  7. Just dropping in to catch the vibe (curiosity got the better of me).; not reading too closely don't want to know everything before our shows in Japan. Will revisit this thread after those. Adelaide is my hometown, so it's great to hear you guys had a good show!
  8. I'm a big fan of 'first come, first served' to be honest. If you want to turn up a month before the show...great...but if you leave the line you should lose your place. It's self controlling and simple. However.... My personal opinion is that the 'super fans' are hijacking the shows. Oh you came here a week before the show, and staked a place in line....BUT you still want to go home for lunch and have a shower? Nope. Anyone turning up the day before a Rock and Roll gig should be ushered away. Sunrise on the day is fair game. That's what i think.
  9. I think this is the right place for this....weirdness. So, in Egypt one of my teeth got smashed in half....cue madness finding a dentist in the desert for a temporary fix...back to Japan for more permanent repairs. There I am, not feeling great, in the Dentist chair...2/3rds of the way through a procedure, and my Japanese Dentist is like...'Hey, is that a U2 t-shirt?' Cue awkward photo of said shirt....while I'm still prone in the damn chair! Hahahaha! I have now 'bonded' with my dentist...I'm not sure how I feel about that???? (It was Eco who sent me the shirt from the 1st US leg of the IE tour...I blame you for future costs incurred! LOL!)
  10. Excuse me for jumping in here; That's awesome, Have a great show, and may your dreams come true. 'Dream out loud' is the key. I hope you find a way. I think it's so great the Boys are playing new places on this tour!
  11. In case anyone has been living under a rock, stranded on a desert island, or forgot how the internet works and missed this....this is the best thing you'll watch all summer, and perfect for revving up for the tour without spoilers. Take an hour out your day, crack a few cold drinks and enjoy...
  12. So happy the band is going to the Phillipines, such nice people and some of my best friends. Have a great show!!
  13. Hey Jonno77, great that you got your ticket! I think it's just a case of wait and see when you pick up your tickets. I expect there will be some kind of signs or information at the venue about where to enter. Anyone did GA at vertigo still alive(?) How did GA entry go down for that show? (I'm an up in the stands type,lol). Good luck!
  14. Hey gang....Yeah it's weird, but that's Japan. I hope it all works out well for us all and 'good seats' were allocated. I think the idea is you're just lucky to be in the room. What those who were in Saitama for Vertigo will know...That outdoor stage squished into the arena is going to be VERY in your face. The Arena goes 'up' more than 'back' as in the picture...if you get my meaning.
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