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  1. Ah! So the Robbie Robertson fans have checked in first!! Well, escape is not so easy...... I need clarification of the symbolism of a broken arrow; you see many articles refer to it as a symbol of 'peace' but also state this is not universal (and I'm aware of the Military code referring to Nukes) but reading the quote below conveys a quite different vibe: "A broken arrow symbolizes the ending of something and it is an ending that is not to be undone. This can mean an end to war and a symbol of peace, or a breaking of the peace." So, if there are any Native American's who can clarify this for me I would dearly appreciate it. I'm working on some art and the title is so attractive I need to know if it's suitable for the work. Cheers. R.
  2. Actually this song, so then I recorded it (Ha!) it's called 'Mirage' https://soundcloud.com/bookofcaverns/mirage-final-mix
  3. I rate this album a bottle of Peter Lehmans Stonewall Shiraz '2007' vintage. I know it's Conan's joke, but....prove me wrong.
  4. Total surprise and joy for me too. I've just about had enough Red wine to go for the first listen (not opening any review/opinion threads until next week..if ever). What I thought was cool already....free! and I like how Invisible is neatly invisible until you download and it inserts itself to track 1. Well played so far lads!
  5. Such sad news. Thanks for the laughs Mr.Williams.
  6. “The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream.” ― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet
  7. You get it pain_18_ “How did it get so late so soon?” ― Dr. Seuss Heroine is just sublime; it's like a template for With or Without You. For those who haven't checked it out 'Captive' is the bridge between The Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree.
  8. “They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite” ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince I know it's out of La Mode, but to keep it on task reminds me a lot of what The Edge did on the soundtrack to 'Captive' both tunes seem to come from a similar place to me and were just what i needed; both calm and reflective....or are they merely reflektors? Whatever; Do yourself a favor and take about 7 minutes out of your day >>> and I'll see you on the other side...
  9. Wait a minute. Are you suggesting the unemployed be sent out to pollinate flowers, while the rest of the people do nothing, as an alternative to non-violent but immediate overthrow of inept and corrupt governments worldwide? *(keyboard issues, editing on the fly...all done now.)
  10. The Unforgettable Fire Achtung Baby Boy They do it for me with Boy just ahead of a few others because of the An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart section.
  11. Is this what we've become....a bunch of old nagging, demanding groupies? You've just stated you won't even buy whatever they release.....so why would they even? U2 as a fashion are long since dead. In case you haven't noticed we're into legacy act territory now (proof is in the way the 360 tour set evolved...and was a great success; although I'm glad I caught that tour early when they were still excited about the new record). Sure they can still be topical or relevant, but only in the way the cool 'bad' grandparent can be topical or relevant....look at Bill Murray. So the music has to be great or there's just no point. I hope the band wait until they have a set they are excited about. I think Invisible was testing the waters somewhat. Loved it, it served a purpose, would have liked to hear the rest of THAT album the concept of which I'm thinking has been passed over now. So, I normally wouldn't have committed so many bad ideas to type, but I'm on a bender and stumbled across the OP having just come of 'Bad' and 'Invisible' and 'Baby Wild Horses' on i-tunes or some sort of copy of that, and well...I don't care if they never release another anything. But i would certainly still go and line up for it if the band thought it was great.
  12. BINGO! My thoughts exactly...and shall I add the dead weight that my U2 iPod has become...I bought it because Paul McGuinness said we could bring it to the show and download straight from the sound board to our player in the same night... ...lying sack of dog poo! Until they properly thought about it and then thought, that would be a dumb idea. How many fans would have brought their ipods to Joe (the sound engineer) only for him to say "errrrrrr this is going to take a long time to do, when we have to pack up the gear...." Ok! LOL, that paints quite an amusing picture. (I'm imagining Joe still there now after the Spanish tour opener wondering wth happened to his life...)
  13. Well, if you don't know....... Electric Co.
  14. What are we in denial of Gibbo? As I said before for me it's all 4 of them that make the music, and I was just looking through the collection to find the bunch of weak songs that have ruined all the records over the last decade, but there's really only one or two songs that I feel don't fit in. Wild Honey (what happened there?), Love and Peace (but that was fun live). Get on your Boots/Stand up Comedy (both of which grate on my ears, which is odd because I was excited by the Boots video and guy-liner thing, but as a track on the album it sux! But I've replaced them with the Mercy demo and Winter from the Linear film and that version of NLOTH is one of my favorite records of theirs). Most of the bands in my record collection have a few songs that I don't listen to, so I don't see a big deal here. So musically I don't feel they're done. And politically/socially I don't follow Bono's movements so much; he seemed alright on the few short encounters I've had with him before shows. So Gibbo, what's the problem from your end mate? (I could probably just google Evil Bono and the Luminati, but that may not be what you're on about).
  15. He does it slow dancing, ya know..... http://arts.nationalpost.com/2014/04/29/willie-nelson-celebrates-81st-birthday-with-fifth-degree-black-belt-certification/
  16. I actually laughed out loud when the writer described Love is Blindness as 'the perfect calming morning after'. I forgive him if English is not his first language, and he's never been through a significant break up where you go for one of those long walks down to the sea with no intention of returning. Some of us make it back. But I digress. His 'attacks' on Bono; the climax of the article amount to nothing more than 'I don't like who he's hanging around with...so, Nyah!' So, in general the review is o.k. but I'm really not sure if doing the 'other job' has an influence. All 4 of them make and release the records after all and despite the odd song that I don't like there's been some really good music made since POP. But, If someone was to start a bash 'Wild Honey' thread I would not disagree. As for Bono and the 'C' *Big naked picture of Adam from Achtung baby was here* 'Boom-Cha' MOD EDIT:IMAGE REMOVED
  17. I really think this is the quote that sums up where U2 have been for a little while. But they are, I hope, out there in the deep water to catch their big fish. I hope U2 becomes like the Hemingway novel (the Old Man and the Sea) and less like a Scorsese film (Raging Bull) on this effort.
  18. LOL....is it kick U2 in the balls day, or what?? Reading this thread it's like they actually went and kicked all of your mothers. So we gotta wait a bit ....... I still have Unforgettable Fire on heavy rotation, can't figure out what all the griping is about.
  19. I really like 'Invisible'. Didn't get into the outro much, but it's grown on me (this is an edit after all). The song before the outro ticks a lot of my personal boxes, it's like listening to neon, I like the mix. And have to agree with some others; I'm very excited for what else is on the album.
  20. O.K. I'm excited now. Bottle of Aussie Pinot Noir in hand, (back up Heinikens in the fridge in case the song is really good and we have to go all night). Just waiting on i-tunes to enable that DL. Have a great day/evening/morning all.
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