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  1. He's an 'actor' now; he's bound to dress up.
  2. Hah! Well, if the boys would release an album I'd be rocking....or popping.......or whatever the hell they're up to. Vogueing?
  3. Here you go (unless I've misunderstood what you want??)....http://ipod.about.com/od/bestiphoneapps/tp/Top-Iphone-Web-Browser-Apps.htm
  4. Rock on CEO!! Your survival has been noted and logged.
  5. I winced at the off key wailing from across the hall as 'the drunk' caterwauled her way through yet another of her nightly renditions of 'Ten green bottles...' a trail of spittle rolling down her chin, and a warm puddle of vomit coating her orange socked right foot as the left, de-socked, dangled nakedly and precariously over the edge of the balcony to the beckoning black pavement 35 feet below, and thinking in unison with the crude holler and wheeze '...if THAT green bottle should accidentally fall?'; I walked inter her apartment and the floorboards groaned.
  6. Have a great year everyone. We had a busy few days visiting the Temples and Shrines at the sea as we do every year, carrying our hangovers like a bag of woe. Mission accomplished, and now we're back on the wine! Cheers.
  7. Tail of the Sky, Mane of the World. (31 January 2014 for our Chinese friends.), but I'm drunk and eager to usher out a terrible 2013. Feel free to horse around here, and give a shout when your time comes........ Tokyo, gallops off into the future.
  8. Haha, cheers (I can't remember where I found it, but I agree). The 3rd is actually my all time favorite Christmas picture. Stay safe folks.
  9. Christmas and all is quiet.... Because the L.V. has gone out.... ...and he's never coming back.....
  10. There's not a peep about Ordinary Love in 'General'? What's going on? At least we know what they did with the chorus for Electrical Storm now.
  11. 'Trust' by the Cure. It's been rattling around my head for weeks! http://youtu.be/0VvmSo0UkRg
  12. Thanks very much for the find bigwave....that's really a grand way to spend a bottle of wine!
  13. For Alma 1 : And I hope Wahine 'gets it'. We care; we just can't express it very eloquently.
  14. ...which in it's own weird way reminded me of this, and thus The Windupdeads are again, stuck in my head>>>
  15. I like it; but I like it in 2D equally. 3D adds nothing...it dosen't equal the experience of 'being there'. If the sound quality is good there is no benefit. WAIT, let me qualify that by stating i actually think Rattle and Hum was a superior FILM. U23D is a mere recording of something that happened. Ratlle and Hum even dispensed with colour for the most part. The images captured had impact. They were designed to have impact. The U23D performance is great. I don't believe it has anything to do with the 3D technology.
  16. Rant for today (*note Wednesday is a Red Whine day). So I hate 3D in film. All I want from a movie is a good story; a good show. I want to enjoy beautiful photography, and be intrigued/enthralled/enchanted....whatever. What I don't want, is to be wearing an obtrusive pair of ridiculous oversize goggles, all the while wondering if my partner who needs to wear glasses anyway can actually really see what I'm seeing, and thus feel what I'm being led to feel. Why do i protest thus? Well, there were 2 films I WAS going to fork out some cash to see. They both screened in 3D on THE BIG SCREEN, However the only option for good old 2D was in a tiny theater on a screen not much bigger than our TV. Guess what Hollywood? Feck yer ticket prices...If I can't even PAY to see the films I want to see on a BIG ENORMOSCREEN, in Dolby Surround Stereo...I may as well just download them for free, and watch them in the comfort of home...in Dolby surround Stereo....for the ticket price of feck all. Now I understand the artists, and the creators of the art...'see it how we envisioned you seeing it! Experience it our way!' YOU ARE WRONG. Film in 3d, 4D, Double D sux. Will always suck, and do not get me started on the 4D experience with moving chairs. If i want smoke blown in my face, I invite my pot head friends. If i want Water splashed about, I bring in the drunks. Moving Chairs? We are earthquake prone. Filmmakers....you want to make a better film? Start with a Great STORY. Are we done?
  17. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...... Well, me and my mate got Really Thoroughly stoned after a night out at our local, and then it turned out to be Christmas or New Years eve or some such (...it might have been Easter or Lent, or just the middle of the year?????), anyway we roll home, turn on the T.V. and the Zoo T.V. Outside Broadcast starts up. That is the HIGHEST I've ever been with or without this band, and I loved every second, even though I can only remember the broad strokes of that evening. It must have been New Years eve? It was definitely in Australia... *edit to add....What I remember most about that night is 'You can't call the old Doc twice'. courtesy of William. S. (it may not have even been part of the telecast, but ti sure summed up that night.)
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