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  1. Hey Alma1, thanks for info about archiving, I get it now. Do yourself a favour and give yourself a little time to read the whole interview, I thought it was fascina(tion Street)ting. And yes, Janette, we were on the Bus on the way back from the Haleiwa Arts Festival, and it goes past the stadium, and by chance timing as we crossed the intersection a neon sign flashed 'CURE'. Done deal.
  2. 'So, I really don't know what I'm doing here..' So, this really dosen't deserve a thread, but since the new fashion seems to be archiving threads (or terminating them?) here goes..... Caught The Cure by accident in Honalulu, and the show was superb. A couple of things caught my attention: They sound GREAT! They played 3 and a half hours, with only 2 two minute breaks between encores! WOW @ the drummer for keeping that up! The show was like an old Pub Show, what I mean is folks were ambling about, trying to shout/chat over the music, coming and going, You could estimate peoples ages by the way they responded to songs, it was weird, cathartic, messy and awesome all at once. But this little ramble all brings me to my main point, after the show i did a little digging around and found this xcellent interview where BOB talks about his guitars, and his methodology, it's a great read for any players out there who, like me, missed it when it was current. snippet that caught my attention: "The pedals are always set so that they look right. That sounds a bit stupid, but, in a strange way, it works. There are four knobs on the delay, and they're all set at 12 o'clock - apart from the knob on the far right, which is set slightly off from 12 o'clock at 800 milliseconds. That's an unfortunate design - Boss obviously didn't have me in mind when they made that pedal [laughs]. On the chorus, the left hand knob is at ten o'clock, and the right knob is at two o'clock. It's symmetrical. This isn't insane you know! If you've played enough, you sort of know what something is going to sound like by looking at it." check it out; the full interview here: http://www.musicfanclubs.org/cure/press/guitar_gardens.html
  3. LOL, Mission Accomplished then, and thanks for checking it out.
  4. All right.... With a bit of Red Wine and a little free time, and thanks to some feedback, here is Mk2 and the final version of my little space film. The good folk at The Gateway to Astronaut Photography asked me to remove the NASA logo on the outro of the w.i.p. version, so that was the first task, then a bottle of wine later, I'd re-edited the whole clip, and even did a little tweaking of the Audio track. The thing I'm most proud of is the Guitar solo, recorded in one take (after about an hour of Improv to get the notes and sound in my head out of it). I also added a new synth part, so the challenge I guess is to get 123 to sit through the video and track a second time....! Anyway, I think it's finished processing on Youtube, so here it is in it's final version, I recommend wine and crackers.
  5. Great Thread! Great stuff folks, keep 'em coming it's nice to have a virtual gallery to visit!
  6. Nice one 123, that song just always makes my heart smile for some reason. Mylifeline, I'm completely with you about the 'original' or demo version or whatever of Mercy, that track was just about perfect I.M.O. For me.....my life soundtrack...has to be Elvis Presley and America. It's all backwards, it makes no sense, there are themes of loss and desertion going both ways, there's searching and longing, and ultimately there is revelation; there is clarity but there is no certainty; and yet I'm happily married, but that's all we have. Each other.
  7. Cheers, but remember I didn't actually fly in space with a Go pro camera or anything. So there's not an insane amount I had to do, LOL. and yeah! Totally!
  8. O.K. here comes a classic case of boredom, so I'm working on this track and decided to just slap together a quick vid for it and throw it out there, for now. A few things, it's still completely W.i.P, and I didn't realize how many songs are called 'Here We Are', LOL, so the title is one of many things that will have to change. In keeping with the thread there's a little guitar part at about 3 minutes in. Don't forget, it's mixed quite low (by mistake), so turn your volume way up!! and as always a I recommend headphones. Have a good weekend folks. *video is down for revision. *revised version a few posts down.
  9. Hey 123, likewise. Remember the Young One's? "Pollution All around Sometimes up And sometimes down But always around. Pollution, are you coming to my town? Or am I coming to yours? We're on different buses, pollution But we're both using petrol"
  10. I think Edge has his work cut out to get his own gang's album out by 2050! Ooops....did i say that out loud!?
  11. I could use her help recently! LOL, so I'm slugging away on a new song, and after trying a bunch of lead runs for a few months, I finally stumbled on a new sound and approach....a eureka moment. The trouble now is the new element is so good it's changing the character of the whole piece....oh well, back to the coal mines...this part time music making is hard work, 3 months and counting for one song...album due in 2050?
  12. Charles Bolden, the chief of the Nasa, has warned that the US space agency's best advice on how to handle a large asteroid heading towards New York City is "pray". Alright, so are you then saying you think a large Asteroid impact in N.Y. is imminent? I'm just bemused about the focus on N.Y. here to be perfectly honest. What about Nuriootpa?
  13. LOL Mac! Misleading title....'Asteroid may hit anywhere any time' would be more accurate. Come to think of it, we should probably abandon the word 'Asteroid', and instead call them 'Goodies'.
  14. Kudos for correct use of the word 'Literally'.
  15. Yeah! All kinds of awesomeness. Remember kids, Astronauts are people too!
  16. It's a question. What's your answer?
  17. My favourite use of guitar right now is found here.....(Kudos to those of you who already know where i heard this for the first time.). DO yourself a favour >>> http://youtu.be/P1QUZzeZoPQ
  18. Yeah! Do it! Lol. What year was that made ( look inside on the label in there it should have a year?). I'm gonna guess mid '80's?? But it looks older than that... Does that classify as 'really old' these days!?
  19. Just my opinion here. Adele has killed it. Stone dead. They may as well just use the opening of Skyfall forever now. 'Golden eye' is an awesome song, and the best thing about Bond in the Brosnan era. The best Bond song, not in a Bond film....has to be:
  20. 'When chicken in the corn, say the corn can't grow, Mama!'
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