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  1. @123: Oh my goodness, I do like a black guitar, and that acoustic of your father's is a beauty 123! Get off your backside and get the old man to teach you a few songs....and steal that black beauty away from him! LOL. @Mick, I've sold 26 effector pedals in the last few months. Those you have shown us look like the sort of gear we see here in Tokyo's fanatical stores, interesting choice to change the colour of the Mulholland, do folks choose your effector based on it's colour? How integral is that to the process of building of these things? And how was the Fuzz Face? I ask because I always looked for a colour (delay has always usally been blue for me, Distortion military greens or black and so on...). But now I've gone 100% digital at home (Reason 6 with Balance as an interface) the colours are gone, and I'm having to deal with nicknames for things which is a completely different 'language' for want of a better word. @PacoBear: WOW! You've just, in one post made every other music act on earth look like rank amatuers! Seriously.....what a video!! Can you imagine the concept meeting for that one!?? That's like a Meta-Discoteque video!
  2. Just breezing through for now, will come back and check out whats new this evening.....Rock on guitar threaders, and Mick, Slash on your stage looks too cool!
  3. Fluro strings no less!! Cheers to the Bassists!
  4. Yeah, yeah, but wait till he hits 50>>>>
  5. Cheers Peter, I really appreciate the opinion.
  6. O.K. as you cans see I'm looking at a few things, and feeling a few things. You see, right now. NOW. I am in the middle of a song. And it's at a point where I'm not making progress, and it's really frustrating. The mess I'm in is I've a base track that I'm happy with. BUT I want live guitars on this track because that's how I roll. But the more guitar I try to fit on, the more I have subtract from elsewhere. What would YOU do dear Zoo? A) Chase those guitar riffs off into oblivion and maybe finish the song (perfectly) in about 5 more years? Commit to a 'live' take; maybe clean it up a little in post and live in the moment? answers on a postcard. EDIT #1 : Fckin' who woulda guessed B with ) (as in option would end in a smiley! Give a drunkard a break interwebs!! Edit #2 OFFS ...you see what they did there.
  7. *Edit. Bugger.... I had a very fine joke reply; but then actually read past the first post. Oh well. Another day.
  8. O.K. if the thread is gonna die, At least let it die with this:
  9. These guys remind me so much of The Drums somehow.......see what I did there? enjoy before they ban streaming...and...they...want...to....
  10. O.K. that may be a bit Retro...I get it... How about..... Captain Beefheart and his Majic Band circa 1968?
  11. POP, but I have to listen to side A and side B on different days.
  12. Got a spare 35 minutes? Go ahead, get a dose.....of 1973 babies.
  13. On Oval Eyes, 3:19-3:25 that little guitar melody is AWESOME! There's a whole other song just in that 4 seconds. Keep Kranking 'em out dudes!
  14. HA! Thanks, and I'm enough of an attention seeker to re-post for sure! Well for anyone who missed it first time round you can find it here: Just copy and paste into your browser should get the job done. (or maybe you can just click on the red text and it will take you there?) Who knows? EDIT*:Oh Ho! you can just post it like that 'Boom!' (for anyone else looking to post video, that was just the direct link to the vid and it all shows up!' )sweet. B.t.w. I recommend full screen and max volume folks, it's really tame comapred to The Edge though....man...now I hate it...LOL.
  15. <object width="420" height="315"><param name="movie" value=" "></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="420" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object> Ahhh....bugger. *Edit: Well, while I'm here do a You Tube search for 'Rowena's Theme'.
  16. Well.... You know I always felt the feedback track going on behind Ultraviolet was my favourite guitar sound, like ever, and just now listening to the 'Baby' version, where it's more prominent and not as neatly performed I love it even more. It's just so...Edge. So with the eerie Edge in mind, I think we really need a shout out for the soundtrack to 'Captive' by the Edge and Michael Brook. This was the third U2ish record i bought after the Unforgettable Fire and Boy, and on this record, particularly in the single 'Heroin' I beleive you can hear the Edge discovering his Joshua tree sounds, I see this track as a proto With or without you for some reason. Anyway, if you haven't already, do yourself a favour and check out...'Captive'.
  17. Nothing wrong with that......
  18. Well, Hello.Hello. I've had quite the respite, a respite from this site. But I've decided, tonight that this place is alright. ..and I think I just might type in Dr Suess style, well at least for a while, like some crazed rhyme-o-phile. But oh! What an astounding sight To be here, typing tonight, What a thrill, what fright! Have they got it all right? Or is it time to alight? That was quite the respite. A respite from this site, But enough of this tripe, I bid you all. A. Good. Night.
  19. Oh man, you should totally just buy it. Sure maybe you don't eat for a month or two, but you'd never regret getting that thing. I say: Go for it!
  20. since this thread has no legs...... What bothers me is there is a need to touch everything, and when folk aren't touching things they are completely isolated. So this vision of the future is : A) Mass contagion waiting to happen. or Sad and lonely.
  21. See what happens when you don't read the O.P. kids?
  22. I thought North Korea launched the first bit of it the other day.
  23. I'm posting this just because I still see folk commenting on other message boards about it...apparently they didn't get the memo, F.Y.I. The Mayan Calendar 'End of the World' thing is a non-event. Recently a room where Calendars were being made was uncovered, and they show dates looking forward up to around 7000 years ahead. Spread the word, and we might have just a few less crack-pots doing something to hurt themselves on the 21st.
  24. I wonder if they plan to deliver the ponies that were promised back in the Vertigo Zoo?
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