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Event Reviews posted by mich40

  1. From @pollyanna:

    So, here I am in Belfast, with my sister and her husband. We had not been to any other show on the this tour but I’ve listened to almost all the previous shows. So I was super excited. We did GA but skipt the GA histeria, and got there when the doors opened. We got a great spot, with great sight of the screen and pretty close to the e stage and could see the I-stage. We loved the beginning with The blackout and the Berlin song. I was so happy that they played Stay because it’s my sisters favorite song. Macphisto did his job, but I loved Bono doing his face expressions more than watching the screen. NYD was of course one of the highlights. In the end of the show when you just want it to go on forever, it’s all over and leaves you completely empty..... but the good thing is.... we’re going again tonight and heading for the same spot. 

  2. The last time I saw U2 in Chicago was on the 360 tour.  I have always said that show felt more like a party than a concert and ranks as one of my favorites of all time.  My second time to see U2 in Chicago was Saturday night and it was also amazing but in an emotionally charged way. The band sounded phenomenal and the images on the screen were breathtaking. There were songs that I never thought I'd hear live and I cried multiple times. In fact, I started crying during "Running to Stand Still", just knowing that "Red Hill Mining Town" (one of my favorite songs of all time) was coming up next and didn't stop until Red Hill was over. I would say Exit is definitely the show stealer, with Adam's bass and Larry's drums so thunderous that you could feel it.  It was also an emotional evening for me because I finally let my daughter do GA, which she had been asking for for several years.  We were 3 rows back from the top of the bstage tree and she absolutely loved the experience.  The only thing that makes me a bit sad is that they didn't play "A Sort of Homecoming" that night.  Hoping I'll finally get to hear that one at one of my next shows.


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