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  1. I hope they "forget" who they originally dedicated it to and bring it back one day. It's such an inspirational song.
  2. Wonder if she called him "Edge" and if/when she got aggravated, she called him "THE Edge"
  3. I would think that would be the loudest thing heard in the womb. Somehow she ended up a daisy girl though.
  4. Remember my daughter story earlier in the thread....she came running downstairs to watch Sunday Bloody Sunday.
  5. Looking forward to getting elevated in just a little while. I saw both Atlanta dates on the Elevation tour, which were exactly 8 months apart, 30 March and 30 November. The show in November was my daughter’s “first” U2 show. Of course, she was still in utero. I specifically remember her getting really wiggly during Sunday Bloody Sunday. Interestingly enough, that is still one of her favourite U2 songs.
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