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  1. But keep in mind while they do report the rumors and things that they see, nothing is official until it is announced on U2.com.
  2. That is also what we were told when I visited there a few years ago. He was originally buried in a cemetery elsewhere in Memphis and they had to move his body bc of people tampering with the grave. I could see why Larry would have felt that way. You go through the house and you see everything he had, everything he did, how famous he was, then you get out to the back garden where he is buried and think about how he died and it was just sad.
  3. I am so so sorry. I've had a couple of people try to convince me to do that with mine and I have always given a no as a reply for two reasons. 1) I couldn't bear to cut them and 2) Fear that that exact same thing would happen. Hope you receive a miracle and they somehow make it back to you.
  4. Have you guys seen this? I didn't know it existed until seeing it the last few days on Facebook.
  5. I think you should make peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
  6. Good luck with this. I participated in DDAD Thursday, as they were my first band love. And I'm always up for a Celebration of U2.
  7. Wishing Mr. The Edge a very Happy Birthday!!!
  8. Wow! Thanks to everyone that joined us. Looking forward to September with you all!
  9. Yes, but we are thankful nonetheless for everyone's attempts to let us in the sound.
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