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  1. Covid sucks. We all know it; but even in these hard times, beautiful things are coming out. Maybe we could add some of the good things here. I’ll start with this one. Mind you, One has always been one of those sacred songs for me that I thought no one should touch...not even U2 with Mary J Blige, and this brought me to tears this morning because it was so beautiful. 


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  2. 8 hours ago, dmway said:

    Well, that's good - there wouldn't have been any reason to take it that way; I'm very glad it wasn't.


    Back on topic: how many of us have the mini live DVD from Milan from the Vertigo tour? (It was included as a bonus in the deluxe edition of "18 Singles", for those to whom this may be news.) If enough of us have it, is there any interest to view that after the Chicago show? It has many tracks unique to it and makes it a wonderful addendum to the excellent Chicago DVD. The unique songs on it are: I Will Follow, ISHFWILF, All I Want Is You, WOWY, and the stellar "Miss Sarajevo" which was a real high point of the shows after the initial leg of the tour. (I still don't know how Bono channeled Pavarotti so well while singing his section; it was especially brave and impressive performing that section in front of the Italians themselves.) It would also be a fitting tribute to the part of Italy hardest hit by our current troubles.

    A humble suggestion...



    I have it. And yes, it’s really good. That audio version of Miss Sarajevo is on the U2 Communication subscriber gift too. Just brilliant. Gives me chills. I don’t know the quote word for word, but Bono said he managed to do that because he found his father’s voice in him. I remember after the first Atlanta show my husband said, “Bono proved himself as a singer with that,” not meaning anything rude or anything because he’s always been a fan too, but doing something like that takes a lot more than just singing rock and roll, obviously. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, Manohlive said:


    Is xray 'officially' busted?   (It's almost four week of self isolation.  I'm getting punchy) 

    It’s kinda of an ongoing joke that Jets and I like to keep up. Back during that tour and for years after, we had many threads started about “what was the song before U2 came on?” I’m fairly certain “that” song is on the dvd....so if you don’t remember, you will Saturday. 😉

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