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  1. T-minus 13 days....

    1. xrayjets


      Excited much ?

    2. mich40


      just a wee bit.

  2. Feels really early compared to recent shows. I'm still WIDE AWAKE!!!!
  3. I have GAs for NYC. Hoping for a drop for Toronto, bc as it is, we have seats in the sky there.
  4. He's cool, you not seen his film? Not unfortunately. He for sure is cool with that hat He is one of the nicest U2 fans you will ever meet.
  5. I haven't seen it, but you happen to find anything, please post it.
  6. Interviews with Bono, Larry and Edge. http://www.kbco.com/onair/the-bco-morning-show-49696/bono-the-edge-larry-mullen-jr-13659597/
  7. That's it for this evening! Good night, or good morning...depending on where you are.
  8. Bono seems to be more talkative tonight than last night.
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