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  1. I know! Don't you love it!!?!?!? I soooooo want one.
  2. [quote name='hnicolaidesk wrote: Anjana'] http://youtu.be/dV12HPiw7RE (look out for wet la-la!) Loys of smiling LaLa as well. psst......LaLa refers to Larry girls, not Larry himself.
  3. I personally like that Edge sounds like a sheep when he's laughing.
  4. don't know why that posted my video with the other one, but that one always gets me too.
  5. Feeling a bit mopey today. My kids start back to school tomorrow. Where did the summer go? Seems like just yesterday I was heading to Denver.
  6. you know what's been haunting me recently? Red trucks. Everything I'm on the highway, I see them now. And first I get excited, then sad.....
  7. Too much Bono? I'll be happy to tell you what I could do to this man:
  8. [quote name='maggie18patchwork wrote: Anjana wrote: maggie18patchwork'] Need a very large glass of wine now to calm me down..... What's happened Maggie, you ok m'dear?The... picture, that.... picture, the one just above my head..... I can only say it's a good job Zhivvy is on holiday!!!! Are we sure his name isn't pronounced "Bone-O"?
  9. I honestly cannot post what I am thinking right now....honest.
  10. He is...it's just that pic.....maybe if I were younger, but it just feels wrong, especially where my eyes gravitate to.
  11. [quote name='Camucha wrote: mich40 wrote: Anjana'] I know not why I post this..there is no reason other than pure indulgence...it is just a moment...a la la moment. please just let me have this and no one gets hurt ... the way he was ... How old was he here!??! Are we legally allowed to look at this pic!??! Cam, can't believe you dragged it out again!
  12. [quote name='cash0012 wrote: mich40']*needs whole pot of coffee* Stayed up way too late last night with TCH, drinking tequila and reliving our summer. 4:40 Not the only one to indulge in a bit to much tequila . GAH!!!!!!! yeah....I'd love to drink some tequila with them!
  13. [quote name='mick james wrote: hnicolaidesk'] From NME http://www.nme.com/news/radiohead/58544 since were linking to the NME http://www.nme.com/nme-video/youtube/id/Lt-BAyqmVPg Sorry, couldn't resist gotta say that I love it....I do love remixes though. Any way I can get that in an mp3 somewhere?
  14. *needs whole pot of coffee* Stayed up way too late last night with TCH, drinking tequila and reliving our summer.
  15. I really love Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None"
  16. I'm reading The Help right now. I was hesitant at first, but it truly is an incredible book.
  17. Thought I would come in to wish this man a happy 50th birthday..... with the help of some band members. Larry picked out a cake: Adam brought the present: And Bono is going to give the toast: Happy Birthday Mr. The Edge!!!!
  18. Absolutely LOVE Sometime Around Midnight and I have Mr. Clayton to thank for that. That's one of the songs he played when they did the 3 Nights Live thing.
  19. Going to see these guys in Atlanta in November for a mere $20. Pretty pumped about it. :-)
  20. some mellow music for my cloudy Sunday morning.
  21. You saw Led Zeppelin!?! How cool! The only big 70s bands/artists I've seen have been The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Eric Clapton. And all of those were in the early 90s.
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