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  1. Time to build the ark.

  2. Singing EBW very loud indeed, need to sink into this song today

  3. Stopping in to say hi to everyone. Hope you are all doing well !!!!!

  4. Happy WeekEnd, Everyone !

  5. gorgeous sunny day here, windows open, gentle fresh breeze, roll on Spring:))

  6. When is Songs of Experience being released?

  7. nothing more to say I guess, just as tired as all the rest, just trying to throw my arms around the...hmm...cat!! :) ...around the cushion?

  8. Well , back from dublin .. What a great place , U2 s hotel sits right on temple bar area and that's got all you need ! Made it to the U2 graffiti wall and the original windmill lane studios , the docklands & North and South of the river ,, will def visit again

  9. theresamarie1, can you please stop clogging the Recent Status Updates with your judgements of U2. I'm a Christian and I don't always agree with what Bono says etc. and I know what time it is. we are in the End Times and I know Christ is the only way to God the Father. But this is not the place to post your judgements only to have them locked. God Bless You, Hebrews 11:1

  10. Didn't expect the U2 litho I received would be that big ;-)

  11. Friday! ! takeaway night:))

    1. mich40


      What are you having? If you're doing Indian, can you grab me some Korma?

    2. (See 10 other replies to this status update)

  12. Just I should change my status since it's not Monday anymore.

  13. wotchya doiiin'?

  14. You are always on my mind

  15. I renewed my sub today but didn't get a new presale code - is that the same for everyone else who renewed too?

  16. I have to say that I can't wait until there is more U2 news. I'm kinda tired of looking at Bono's x-ray.

  17. The exercise bike is always more pleasant while watching U2 DVDs.

  18. Any chance of another pre-sale code ?

  19. TGIF! Have a great weekend everyone!

  20. Good Thoughts to you all, Zoo-Friends !!!

  21. it got to 38.9c today >=:P I was only able to go for a 1km walk :/

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