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  1. mich40's post in DUBLIN LINK FROM TOUR PAGE.... INCORRECT LINK! (LINKS TO PARIS!)... was marked as the answer   
    No worries. It's fixed now.
  2. mich40's post in combination of different cities/TM with one presale code ? was marked as the answer   
    From Help Page here: http://www.u2.com/help
    Q - How Many Tickets can I buy? What is the ticket limit?
    A - As a paid-up U2.com Subscriber you are eligible to purchase up to FOUR (4) tickets for any show or combination of shows (for example you can purchase 2 tickets for a show in New York and 2 tickets for a show in San Francisco, or 1 ticket for New York, 1 ticket for San Francisco, 1 ticket for London and 1 ticket for Rome.)
  3. mich40's post in Deadline for fanclub membership to access presale was marked as the answer   
    Just checked and as long as you join before the end of the presales, you should get a code for Thursday.
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