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  1. No, but in any case don´t expect too much, I and lots of friends couldn't take a single ticket with that presale..
  2. So guys, Even if I was perfectly on time to try to buy two tickets for Germany the ga was already over. It reappeared two_three times but then when I said add to basket they were no more avAilable. Last but not least twice the site asked to insert the code and said the code was used (that obviously wasn't true). I deleted the cache but no use. I'm so sad at the moment, this presale,was completely useless.
  3. I've bought more than once face-value tickets from real fans that couldn't attend the concert, these tickets made two people happy (or at least one very happy person and the other not disappointed). The answer is not the personal tickets, the answer is not to resell above face value, as others said. Simple, eh? No, ´cause ticketmaster is the first that allows this sistem. We're trapped in the matrix guys, it's useless to complain.
  4. I had asked them if I need to renew now, or link to TM USA. I think it's pretty obvious by now that we should stop panicking and wait..,
  5. If it says to renew and you want a presale code renew it, otherwise wait until it expires (or some days before, of course )
  6. Yes but knowing that on regular sale my chance to get a ticket is based on a lottery doesn't make me happy and relaxed.. here we are talking about arenas, not stadiums, less tickets, better view, more stress..
  7. That seems to confirm what we only talked about last days.. I'll suggest to print this page and send to all of us a copy
  8. Not pretending to be an expert, but imho if you used your presale code for the joshua tree you have to renew to have the new presale code, as simple as that. If you don't want to go to US dates you can wait until the first days of 2018 to renew, also imho. I.e. my sub expires on February 2018, so to have a chance to have codes (now that customer care of u2.com doesn't assure it for European dates) I'll renew it before the European dates are out. I repeat, don't take it as pure gold, but maybe we arearemaking making much ado about nothing. Ps: I also wrote to u2.com customer service, when and if they'll reply me I'll tell you all
  9. Ok but I don't think you should worry if you didn't receive the email, it says nothing but the news we have on u2.com, no particular invitation or anything like that.
  10. I completely agree with both.. I thank the mods for all their efforts and patience, but I'm in any case worried and the management should help mods and users to sort it out. I think the best option is not to link to TM USA, I'm worried the US code will not anymore valid for the European presales.
  11. Hi Henrik, Thanks for your kind reply, I just have had the info that I found both tickets I needed, so I post it here to make sure other fans can take advantage of yours. Thanks again and see u in Amsterdam!
  12. Hello everyone, we're looking for 2 tickets, possibly GA, for the 29/07 Amsterdam venue. Only hard tickets please. Can u help us? Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, I know lot of time has passed, but I'd like to ask if anyone of you has camera recording of the second date in Boston (10th July 2015), it would be fantastic because i search something that i haven't found (ps: i found on YouTube a person who made some videos, but the part i'm interested on is not well recorded). Thanks in advance Laura
  14. Hi everyone, just bought the tickets from AXS, Thanks to everyone!
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