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  1. My wife and me at Madison Square Garden ready to see U2.


  2. Hello, I will see U3 in Atlanta... I will b carrying the Nicaraguan Flag in the VIP Lower Section. This is How much U2 inspires. Another nicaraguan posted this beautiful video of recent events in Nicaragua with the Song "Where the streets have no name". Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gdm52xa87XQ
  3. Dear U2, I am a born Nicaraguan, and American citizen. Love U since I first your music back in 1993. This is a CRY for HELP on behalf of my homecountry fellow men. https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2018/04/nicaragua-authorities-must-protect-the-peoples-right-to-protest/ I will attend one of your concerts on the forth coming tour. Please speak for Nicaragua. I am begging you.... thank you for BULLETS THE BLUE SKY.... Love Nicaraguan # 1 U2 Fan.
  4. Good luck on all your endeavours.
  5. This is such a hard task TOP 3 1- Achtung Baby 2- Joshua Tree 3- War 4- The unforgettable Fire 5- POP 6- All that you can't leave behind 7- Boy 8- Zooropa 9- Songs of Inocence 10- NLOTH 11- October 12- Rattle & Hum 13- How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
  6. Just think about it. It would be really cool to write a follow up story of all FANS that have been on stage thru the years. But the Girl from Sidney just kills me. She goes to Bono with a sense of desperation, and they end up slow dancing LOVE INS BLINDNESS... Simply amazing!!!!!!!
  7. Just curiosity. Has anybody ever done a follow up story on the Girl that is in the 1993 ZOOT TV video. That show is one of my favorite DVD releases. The LOVE IS BLINDNESS part is simply amazing and the girl adds to it. Just for curiosity, I wonder sometimes where must that girl be at now? Does she still like U2? Comments!!!
  8. Thanks for all the REPLIES. I feel like a honey bee finding its own beehive. I am not slagging off U2. I am pointing out that BONO cares too much about being relevant. They have always made great music... That's what fans care about. I hope they find their way again, without feeling crucified for not pleasing the record companies for not selling 10 million albums. NO LINE ON THE HORIZON was a great introspective album with the wrong first single in my opinion...
  9. I was just reading the Q Magazine Special Issue about U2. With the Achtunb Baby Covered. I was also reading reviews about Glastonbury. All I have to say is: "BONOOOOOO.... Stop talking about irrelevance and make good music for the sake of it. Since the ALL THAT... you always talk about this being the best album, and best music you have ever made. As you said about the Peacock: "STOP THE BULL.... and show me your willie" (this is my opinion) By the way, your most artistically creative period was between ACHTUNG BABY and POP..." At the time you could say and whatever you wanted to and It sounded COOL... WHAT HAPPENED... I hope you guys find what you are looking for. I wish that could be another good album, but please do not sell it as the best thing you have ever done.
  10. When a Musician becomes predictable, it becomes boring. I hope this is not happening to U2. We expect too much form them after too many great albums... We should give them a break.
  11. I have always loved U2. But I have to admit, that I feel like they are trying to find ways to have another commercial success as they did with HTDAAB. I came from a third world country. I started listening to U2 at age 13 without really understanding what bono was saying song. Cause English is not my native language. And I got hooked up by Zooropa. The falsetto on Lemon amazed me. It was like listening to music from another planet. U2 should follow their instincts as musicians. Forget about the money. You already have everything anyother artist wish. The Glastonburry song is just another Vertigo, Another elevation, another all because of you, another Stand Up Comedy. You are trying too hard to make a great rock song. You have awesome soul lifting songs, but for me they do not qualify as pure rock songs. WTSHNN, NYD, BD. As a fan i prefer the more raw U2 (War, October) the more spiritual (Unforgettable Fire) the committed U2 (The Joshua Tree), the Experimental at its best (Achtung Baby / Zooropa / Pop) Don't get me wrong I like their last 3 albums, specially some specific tunes like Kite, Beautiful Day, Walk On, Grace, A Man and a woman, Original of the species. But there is something that has been missing for a long time.
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