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  1. My brother and I arrived at a show in NYC during the Vertigo tour very early in the morning. So early we were the first there. I guess you can say we ended up being the 'line mods' without asking or wanting the job. We tried to pass it off to the people who started showing up but no one wanted the job. So the answer to your question is no, it's whoever shows up first that ends up trying to keep the line in order. We were the first to enter the venue from the the GA line. There were quite a few people already in including all of the disabled fans. I assumed there was a different entrance for them because no one passed us on the way in.
  2. Today was nothing like yesterday. Got two GA for NY in two minutes flat. Going to last two shows in NYC both GA. Couldn't be happier!!
  3. I was wondering the same thing. I hope its at 3pm... No. Its at 12. I asked bigwave. Said 12:00
  4. Tomorrows presale time? 12:00 as per U2.com or 3:00 as per Ticketmaster? anyone know for sure?
  5. I had the same problems as everyone else. At the end I got two GA for MSG. I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow. I need a drink!!
  6. I feel better that I'm not alone. If it's set up like last time I think we'll all be fine. Fingers crossed!!
  7. I never get emails from u2.com do you think I'll get my code? I can't find a page to 'subscribe to emails' I'm a little nervous. In the past I remember the code being on your account page. Anyone else not getting emails?
  8. I kind of agree about the 'not being able to prepare' I'm going to make it work regardless but it would have been nice to have a couple of days notice on the pre-sale. Still kind of in shock but giddy as all hell
  9. I just want my code so I can relax. Keep checking my mail like a freaking idiot...lol My mom received an email announcement from U2 (not a subscriber) I got squat!!
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