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  1. i also would like to have news about the europe tour Germany ? maybe oktober /Dublin oktober i see in the net. but nobody kows?? Do someone have a list??
  2. and what about LOW 309 GG in Cusack Stand??? Is this a good view seat? cheers rbonovox
  3. Hy there, no i do not sell the tickets. I only swap it in another category for this 28.11.2015. Sorry.... But if anyone have interest, please still contact me. I still lost Kevin. He don´t answer me??? How ever?? So, the tickets can still swap in other category (Euro 108,00 or under 80 Euro) thanxs
  4. Hy, i got two tix for dublin 28/11/ in cat.1 Block B, Row24(Euro 399,00 both). I want to swap these tix in another cat. for this evening. Cat. 1 is for us to expensive, but i got no other;-)) Maybe, one will swap his tix, surely with the add. charge/costs !! For example: 2 tix dublin4 (Euro 155,00) cat. 3 seats+ add. charge 244,00Euro and u will get the cat.1 tickets (value Euro 399,00). You can send me a pm, if you are interested. Thanks
  5. 10 shows that´s crazy...i think there will be only 4 - 6 shows because the occupancy of the hall is only for that count of shows in a row possible. Rest is booked with other artists... ? But really i hope that they will riddle the questions!! Hopefully next few days;-))
  6. hopefully at the beginning of march....so it is only one month more.. again 6 weeks of waiting ... bad news
  7. yes please give us news about the Dublin gigs... we fans must plan our yourney! Please give us news!!
  8. I book a hotelroom for September and I hope these 4 guys will also stay there and play for us fans. Please give us the dates!!!!
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