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  1. Thanks to U2.com, Baja, & Bigwave for organizing these fan viewing parties, lots of fun!
  2. Get well soon B-man, prayers go out to you for healing.
  3. Evolution=living things on earth share the same common ancestor. Creationism= A supernatural being created all the living things on earth, share the same common creator. I don't see how the earth began, affects how you study living things. You can look at photosynthesis, and say, wow, evolution at work, or wow, intelligentlife, made photosynthesis work the way it does. I do think though, it can effect how you look at other people, how you treat others, respect for others. Evolution doesn't tell you how to live and not live your life, doesn't give you rules to live by, restrictions, it
  4. Most bands don't really sell a lot of singles in America these days, but I have heard Magnificent played on the radio a lot! Not that I'm complaining:)
  5. Adam once slept in a roundabout somewhere in England, so i figure a tent wouldn't be too hard.
  6. Edge is a frustrated drummer, Larry wants to be the singer, Bono wants to play guitar, Adam only wants to play the bass. Adam's been doing a fine job for over 25 years, why would Bono play bass?
  7. "We refute the belief that man is just a higher stage of animal, that he has no spirit. I think when people start believing that, the real respect forhumanity is gone. You are just a cog in a wheel, another collection of molecules. That's half the reason for a lot of the pessimism in the world."-(Bono: In His Own Words) "I'm frightened, but I'm not cynical or pessimistic about the future and a lot of that must come down to my beliefs. It is my belief in God thatenables me to get up in the morning and face the world. I believe that there is a logic and a reason for everything. If I didn't b
  8. I thought the BEP's were on hiatus while Fergie does the solo thing...which usually means the group will disband at some point...when the lead person doesa solo thing, often times it means the end of the group. Actually I wouldn't mind the BEP's if it Fergie, was replaced by someone else...or let WilI IAm sing lead. My lady lumps?...might as well get Britney Spears to open.
  9. Well on this site a number of us go by Zootopians...I like it.
  10. Brian wrote: Well, U2 better watch the Exit signs at this tour because I have a weird feeling they will see more people heading for concessions and bathroom breaks when the new material is played. And isn't that a true gauge? It was bound to happen. I was hoping, however, in this crazy romantic way, that U2 would avoid the "crap" album Bono and the Boys have said would be the starting point to reconsider their position. "Boots" was the quick tip-off. That was, by far, the weakest opening single in their storied history. I can't believe it made the cut, let alone the kick-off son
  11. Myblurm, a number of tv shows just have you write in a request to see a live taping of a tv show, and you get into a lottery type of deal, randomly pick youand if you can make it, you can get tickets to see a show. You never know when you'll get the tickets or for what show though. If people who requesttickets for these shows can't make it, they'll sometimes let people who wait early in the morning at the studios to get tickets for that day'sshow. I know someone who does that a lot for Saturday Night Live. She's seen dozens of live tapings of the show just by doing that. I don't know ifit
  12. u2blonde wrote: LifeFactory wrote: Who is the oldest member? *the dude with gray hair and lousy taste in shirts lol* No way, his t-shirts are cool. Gotta find out where Adam and Edge get their t-shirts. The eldest member of the band was also their first manager. Plays the hippest instrument in rock. Has taken professional lessons in his chosen instrument as well as singing lessons. His house is a "middle finger" to one of the schools that he attended. Huge house that kinda overlooks his old school. Father used to be a pilot. W
  13. *waves to Edge Orchestra* How you been, missed your excellent knowledge of U2's musical equipment lately. Looks like Adam has got some new toys, ie basses. I think the album is definitely a masterpiece.
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