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  1. I think all he is saying is give us a choice, just as when they release these in the stores. A lot of time you have the option to buy dvd or blue ray versions. So some of us that have a blue ray with a 4K TV can pay a little more for better quality. That way someone with your situation can choice the dvd option. I would agree to having a digital option available for both choices.
  2. And now..... with the news of a gift... DVD of the I&E show....everyone happy or are we all going to say what about Blu Ray?
  3. They did do this a few years ago, would be a easy solution as I'm sure a lot of us that had our membership pushed until the end of January a few years ago are all coming to an end.... would rather pay $40 then $50.
  4. I went to Ireland a few years ago and did walk down where Windmill Lane Studios was, however it was a little disappointing as there wasn't much there except for a plaque and all of the vandalizing, and like everyone has listed, I hear the area has been torn down since I've been there. One place I did find myself and I was quite thrilled to find was the castle used on the cover of "The Unforgettable Fire." It's called Moydrum Castle, and it's sorta hard to find, plus it's technically private property so all you can pretty much do is take pictures of it. Doesn't quite look the same as the vegetation has complete taken over the castle. It's in the middle of Ireland near Athlone. I tried to visit Slane Castle, however it was closed that day, so I pretty much just took a picture of the entrance.
  5. I did renew as it was suggested here and shortly there after they extended the 2014/2015 subscriptions until January. I've emailed and called and asked to hold off on sending me a gift until the 2015/2016 is announced and they still sent me last years gift again!!!! What a frustrating experience.....
  6. Make sure you renew uour subscription before it expires, let customer service know you are paying for next years membership.
  7. I've been listening to a lot of U2 RADIO.com and two songs stand out from the live shows that I have in my head. Mostly, I wake up the opening primal scream from The Miracle (of Joey Ramone). The second is Cedarwood Road. I couldn't get that rift out of my head, so I had to learn how to play that one on guitar.
  8. Thank you, I wasn't sure, and was thinking about keeping mine sealed, especially since U2.com gave us side A.
  9. I got a copy of Ordinary Love and have yet to open it. The sticker says there is a download available for a year, my question is does anyone know if that is just for side A Ordinary Love, or does it include Side B for Breathe (Mandela Version).
  10. So I'm heading to Ireland for the first time in a couple of weeks. I would like some help, or advice, so I can hit a few know U2 spots. I.E. Windmill Lane Studios, Slane Castle, Moydrum Castle, etc. Any suggestions??
  11. Wow, I just heard a great concert from 1983 from the BBC. It was recorded during the War Tour, and features A Celebration in the set!!!!! I don't know why I didn't see any posts, but it rebroadcasts twice this week on SIRIUS XM's The Spectrum!!!! Rebroadcast tomorrow at 3pm ET; Wednesday at 10am ET and Friday at 4pm ET.
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