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  1. 1) Volcano 2) Iris 3) Raised by Wolves 4) Cedarwood Rd 5) Sleep like a baby
  2. I think it gets an 8 out of 10 from me. This album is a grower - the more I listen to it, the more I like it! There is always something else to take notice off with each listen. I have one small criticism and that's the track sequence - This Is Where You Can Find Me Now - should be the second song. Other than that, it's great. The stand-out songs for me are: Volcano, Iris, Cedarwood Road, Sleep Like a Baby Tonight and The Troubles. Songs of Innocence has to be now in my top five U2 albums - in my opinion, it's the best they've released since Pop, maybe even Achtung Baby. W
  3. Yeah, you know, I'd like to say that I'm sad about this news, but sad is the wrong word. I have been following U2 since 1988. I was even born on the same day in 1978 that the band changed its name to U2! These guys have played a large part in recording the soundtrack of my life. I think what I feel at the moment is disappointment and some anger to be honest. We have been waiting patiently for 5 YEARS!! For the past 6-12 months the band has been saying that the new album would be out by late 2013.... which then slipped to mid-2014 - all 4 of them were saying this! Edge has recently sai
  4. I think the new album has been ready for several months. They're just taking their time trying to get the marketing campaign that will go with it sorted out - and maybe trying to figure out how they'll play the songs live. Since they apparently have used "Danger Mouse" to produce the album, it kinda hints that the new album could be more electronic then previous albums - U2 want to make dance/pop music and it annoys them to no end that they haven't really been able to do that well to date. I have also wondered whether or not U2 have tried to re-produce the Pop album with Danger Mouse as wel
  5. You guys forgot to include some songs of ATYCLB - only two of those songs were on 1990-2000. Next best of should be 2001-2010 and probably include the following: 1. City of Blinding Lights 2. Vertigo 3. Sometimes you can't make it on your own 4. Elevation (Tombraider Mix) 5. Get on your boots 6. New song (I reckon it will be Every Breaking Wave) 7. Magnificent 8. Walk On 9. All because of you 10 Kite They might put one other new song on there hopefully. I'd like to see Breathe make it on there too.
  6. I would bet that whatever it was they recorded recently will be put on yet another "best of" album that will be released just in time for Christmas later this year. I hope they prove me wrong and pleasantly surprise me with a brand new album before the end of 2012, but I very much doubt that will happen. To be honest, I'd prefer U2 to release their next studio album with no fanfare or hype - I want them to take everyone (and us) completely by surprise.
  7. *na i aint sayin she a goldigga uh but she aint messin wit no broke*
  8. Does the new bass send a signal ??? Dance/groove??
  9. I read somewhere that Bono was having an extended holiday in South America and going to Rio as well. Maybe the band should record their new album in South America? Some Spanish flamenco and latin american beat influences would be most welcome in my opinion!
  10. Pop is still the second most played album in my collection (after Achtung Baby). I have always loved it! It's the most musically diverse album U2 has ever made and it sounds fresher today than it did in 1997. I have friends who hate U2 but actually don't mind the Pop album - probably because it is the most 'out there' thing the band has ever done (well, apart from Passengers, but I digress). I see people are making comparisons between Pop and NLOTH but I care little for those arguments. To be blunt NLOTH sucked. It was not an innovative album, they (and Brian Eno) regurgitated
  11. [quote name='bflorendo wrote: Fortitude wrote: bflorendo']I saw them at the Sydney Entertainment Center during their Love Town tour. We had to evacuate. That was the best live version of Hawkmoon 269! They need to revive it. I remember several dates were postponed due to Bono have some sort of throat problems. I just spent Christmas/NY holidays in the Philippines. There is a ton of U2 fans out there, and they'll do anything to see them, if they do go there. I'm surprised they haven't performed there, but at the same time, I understand why. Just dealing with logistics of moving their prod
  12. If you wear that velvet dress - no competition.
  13. You know that could work mate. There are a few bands that have been touring recently playing one of their old albums in its entirety with a few additional extras thrown in. In some ways I'm on the same wavelength as you with my thinking that they could strip back their sound and go a bit punk again - if it doesn't work, at least it will round off their career ending where they started!
  14. [quote name='pain_18_ wrote: Fortitude']Every Breaking Wave is the only song that had potential - all the rest, including the hugely over-rated Mercy, are nothing more than b-sides. Options for the next sound direction: (i) Strip the sound down - similar to the more abrasive sound of the War album - get rid of all the pretty tricks and swirling echoes from Eno - Edge has to be prominent and not underplay like he did on NLOTH - include some other instruments like trumpet, sax, violin on some songs. World tour in arenas. (ii) Californian-punk oriented, maybe include a s
  15. Boy: A Day Without Me October: Jerusalem War: The Refugee The Unforgettable Fire: Elvis Presley & America (the most hideous song they've ever recorded) The Joshua Tree: Trip through your wires Rattle and Hum: Love rescue me Achtung Baby: Trying to throw your arms around the World Zooropa: The Wanderer Pop: Miami All That You Can't Leave Behind: Wild Honey (eegad, what the hell were they thinking with this crap?) How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb: One step closer No Line on the Horizon: Kill all of them, but if I have to pick my most hated, Crazy Tonight.
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