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  1. They definitely were filming on the last leg of the tour. Anton was seen at the San Diego show. There were also several cameras positioned on the field. Fans were told that the first 5 songs were being filmed.
  2. Have yet to receive an email. When I renewed, I instantly received an email, yet I can’t get one for my presale. Im in experience group and my presale is in 11 hours. Please help!!
  3. In experience group and have yet to receive my email. Considering I haven’t missed a tour since 1987, will be very unhappy if this Verified Fan process thinks I’m a “bit” and I don’t get a Code after 12 years of subscribing. Im having Vertigo presale nightmares all over again.
  4. The band and Live Nation learned from the Vertigo presale debacle to NEVER guarantee tickets with the purchase of a fan club membership. They only allocate X number of tickets for each presale as they have to leave some ticket inventory for the general onsale.
  5. I don't think it's the band, I think its Ticketmaster. My friend had tickets to the Black Keys last month, but he had to go out of town, therefore he could not sell his tickets, could not give the tickets away, and could not get a refund. If Ticketmaster wants to pull this on people, they should at the very least let people get a refund on the tickets and let them go back into the pool of tickets making them available to another fan. They could easily have the customer read back a code, which Ticketmaster could then deactivate the ticket(s) so they can't be used, and issue a refund back to the
  6. This presale has all the designs of a very clever, well thought out military maneuver to eliminate scalpers while also limiting people to seeing a single show compared to past tours where people would attend mulitple shows. 1) Announce the tour right at the height of Christmas Shopping season when people are least expecting it. - Peoples budgets are tight. With Bono's injury, nobody will expect a tour announcment because they all think the tour is delayed now. 2) Have the presale begin 24 hours after the initial announcement. - Make people scramble to find a way to get money toget
  7. Would be nice..... but where would they play. Was under the impression that Take That has already booked shows in Croke Park. And after the drama of the last shows there in 09, would the band want to deal with the drama of it again unless it's the last city they play and then no deadlines to meet in regards to breaking down the stage.
  8. I just don't see the band performing any dates in in the western United States this June. Given the lead time it takes to build and tear down the stage, like others have said...they need a stadium that has an 8 day minimum window to allow for full production rehearsal, the actual show itself and then breaking down the stage and transporting it to the next city. Anaheim and Oakland only have a time window big enough to allow for stage construction, the shows and tear down. With the Angels and A's (the baseball teams in Anaheim and Oakland) baseball schedules locked in until late Septem
  9. Get well Bono. Last tour, you had to postpone and six months later, we got our shows. We can wait again. Health will always come first. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  10. I was in shock and disbelief when I first heard the news. Regardless of your personal opinion of him, at his peak with Thriller, he was simply a talent. Everybody liked atleast one Michael Jackson song whether it be from his time in The Jackson 5 (ABC, I Want You Back) or from his solocareer (Billie Jean, Beat It, Wanna Be Startin Something, The Way You Make Me Feel). May he now have the peace he never was able to find when he was alive. Every generation has it's music icon. Our grandparents had Elvis Presley Our parents had John Lennon We will have Michael Jackson All m
  11. Part of the reason why there are not any physical CD single releases here is simply due to the fact that singles do not sell in the USA. The US record industry is more album sales driven while Europe appears to be singles driven. The marketing depts will release singles to radio in the hopesthat fans of that single will opt the buy the album over the single if they like the song enough to want a physical copy of it. In the pre SoundScan era, a single would be promoted and would gradually move up the charts based on airplay and sales reported by record stores. A singleback in the day
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