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  1. Have yet to receive an email. When I renewed, I instantly received an email, yet I can’t get one for my presale. Im in experience group and my presale is in 11 hours. Please help!!
  2. In experience group and have yet to receive my email. Considering I haven’t missed a tour since 1987, will be very unhappy if this Verified Fan process thinks I’m a “bit” and I don’t get a Code after 12 years of subscribing. Im having Vertigo presale nightmares all over again.
  3. The band and Live Nation learned from the Vertigo presale debacle to NEVER guarantee tickets with the purchase of a fan club membership. They only allocate X number of tickets for each presale as they have to leave some ticket inventory for the general onsale.
  4. I don't think it's the band, I think its Ticketmaster. My friend had tickets to the Black Keys last month, but he had to go out of town, therefore he could not sell his tickets, could not give the tickets away, and could not get a refund. If Ticketmaster wants to pull this on people, they should at the very least let people get a refund on the tickets and let them go back into the pool of tickets making them available to another fan. They could easily have the customer read back a code, which Ticketmaster could then deactivate the ticket(s) so they can't be used, and issue a refund back to the buyer, and then issue new tickets via their site. Perhaps if Ticketmaster was to do this, maybe requiring people to contact them up to 3 days before the show (which gives Ticketmaster time to resell them), it would work smoothly but if something comes up and a person can't go, and aren't allowed to sell or give away the tickets, how they consider that fair is beyond me. Ticketmaster does make it possible to transfer your ticket to someone else. I'm not sure of the rules but I know they do this. They are doing this to stop scalpers. Ticketmaster may be a bit of a monopoly but they are one of the leaders in stopping scalping. It is why they are doing it this way. For this tour, I believe the tickets are NON TRANSFERABLE. They're probably doing it to deter scalping.
  5. This presale has all the designs of a very clever, well thought out military maneuver to eliminate scalpers while also limiting people to seeing a single show compared to past tours where people would attend mulitple shows. 1) Announce the tour right at the height of Christmas Shopping season when people are least expecting it. - Peoples budgets are tight. With Bono's injury, nobody will expect a tour announcment because they all think the tour is delayed now. 2) Have the presale begin 24 hours after the initial announcement. - Make people scramble to find a way to get money together, get credit line extensions as well getting to a terminal in the middle of the work day. Some might be able to but most likely most won't be able to. 3) Make the tickets outrageously expensive. - A $300 price point for an arena show is pricey. A $600 night will make one think twice before attending a second show. That means two open seats for another show that otherwise would have been bought by the same person had the show been priced at $150 a ticket. 4) PAPERLESS TICKETS - The only way into the building is to swipe the card you used to buy your tickets at the door. Then add a caveat that everybody in your group has to enter at the same time. While this does remove part of the scalper, Stub Hub element, it also shuts down any fan ticket trading networks that have existed on past tours. Guess we'll all find out tomorrow if this is a gamble that pays off or the Vertigo presale debacle all over again.
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