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  1. Well that was an anti climax if I ever heard one.A snippet of a track and a movie trailer.
  2. Don't worry Basher i get the sarcasm..lol! Still tho i resubbed 7 months ago and i'm still waiting for this,along with all the other Irish Zootops that i know..
  3. This is the reason i very rarely come in here anymore..
  4. Great pics Mick..the Slane ones brought back some great memories!
  5. My first gig was a band called Cry Before Dawn back in 1987,but a few weeks later was my first real big one. U2 in Pairc Ui Chaoimh 8th August 1987. I was fourteen at the time and instead of going to the shows in Croke Park earlier that summer we decided to go the show in Cork.Luckily we found a bus that was going from Wexford to the gig and coming straight back after. I can still remember the gig more vividly than some of the 22 others i've seen since! I can always remember seeing the Edge standing on the side ramp leading up to the stage watching UB40, and looking behind the stand we
  6. Hot Press has been on the set of 'Killing Bono' – the Irish musical comedy film loosely based on former Hot Press writer Neil McCormick’s hilarious 2004 memoir, 'I Was Bono’s Doppleganger'. The €3million film, which is funded by Northern Ireland Screen with help from Invest NI, is being directed by Nick Hamm, and stars Ben Barnes, Robert Sheehan, Pete Postlethwaite and Krysten Ritter. Speaking to Hot Press writer Olaf Tyaransen, Nick Hamm – whose previous credits include The Hole (the acclaimed 2001 psychological thriller, which featured Keira Knightley) explained: “We’ve b
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