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  1. As much as the new songs are good I love the old one (EBTTRT MW etc) are there and sounding better than ever! :)
  2. no, we don't... =P Oh aye we deffo do! :) : AYE!!!!!!!:) ......where are the smilies??????Im lost!
  3. Am with you on that! Can wait till November to see it! So good listeneing eh!
  4. Ha ha I need to find it. Was too well used last tour ha ha Go find it!
  5. Not been here in such a long time first feed ive listened to and WOW,! Roll oan November!
  6. Thank youBigwave!...I havent been here since it changed!..(only once!).....but I heard about this and just had to come and see!thank you!:):):
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