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  1. Somebody, somewhere must be able to contact U2's management about this embarrassment of a fan club.
  2. beyond a joke now is this - its march now and still no news! Im hoping for afternoon tea with Bono at the mixing desk listening to the final cut of experience!! :-)
  3. HI why wont the site let me renew, im actually wanting to pay money and it wont let me passed the update contact details bit. Please can someone get it sorted!! HELP
  4. Please vote for Bono and pick your top 3. My other 2 were Paul Weller and Roger Daltrey http://news.qthemusic.com/2009/10/vote_for_your_ultimate_frontma.html Thanks
  5. if you try recordstore.co.uk they are advertising a CD single for magnificent. Ordered mine this morning
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