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  1. Didn't I just read about something Live from The Apollo ....
  2. Hi all I went to Loughborough University in 1982 and noticed in the Union Bar that there was a ticket attached which was for U2 back in 1981. Was anyone on here at that gig and is there a setlist anywhere - I have searched and searched but can find nothing ... Can ANYONE help please?
  3. When oh when wil lwe get a new official DVD of the Joshua Tree tour and also the I & E tour? Can't wait ...
  4. I think it is ture - we would even pay a littl eextra to be able to dowload concerts we were at - they are SO personal !!!
  5. And ...do we actually have an actual release date ?
  6. · All Tours History· I+E 360° photos· JT30 360° photos· Live Releases· U2 Pictures· Bootleg Covers· Personal Charts· News· Twitter Stream· Twitter Archive· FAQ· U2 Shop· Contact Yesterday in 1989Point Depot, Dublin Today in 1984Picadilly Radio Interview, Unknown1989Point Depot, Dublin1999Lincoln Memorial, Washington Tomorrow in 1978McGonagle's, Dublin New U2 photos All Tours | Song names | Snippets | Locations | Personal Show Charts | Tour Statistics Your personal U2 concert statistics Here is the list of details calculated fr
  7. "on the road for quite some time" ...you can say that again!
  8. I am going to see Heaven 17 with the wonderful Propaganda ( nice name for a magazine ... ) ( well now they are called XPropaganda..) on Saturday in Birmingham ...and I have a spare ticket if anyone is interested ...
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