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  1. Supping a beer or two in our hotel after a great night in Copenhagen ???
  2. Looking forward to Copenhagen next Saturday! Anyone else flying over from Luton on the day?

  3. Thank you so much ...so you buy each separately. Cushty!
  4. Thank you - so is there a special shirt AND poster for every venue .... ? Anyone got a full view of T shirt and poster from somewhere please? CAn anyone confirm the price in Europe please?
  5. Hi! Please humour me .....What City shirts and Limited Posters? Please post a pic if you can . THANKS ..... Off to Copenhagen 1 next Saturdya and I want to know how much money to take .... PLEASE
  6. That is ALWAYS the question ....I can never find out where to go - or when ! I am GA in Copenhagen on the 29th - so any ideas please?
  7. I may be doing the same as you ..... I maybe ...so little time to consider things ....Oh the little things... ... that give us a headache ...
  8. So ... I went to Dublin last year and would love to go again ...somehow I would LOVE the Irish info to come out tomorrow,,,,,, before the presales for the existing dates happens. As a teacher I can only do weekends so that is a major stress as I look for a UK or Ireland date ....YIKES!
  9. A new day here in the UK ...wonder if there will be any news ...
  10. Any news on the european Dates as yet???
  11. So ....I am in the UK and I now have registered with a North American TM account ...and am "verified" ..... Did I need to do that? Have I done wrong here? I have NO intention of going to a USA date .....will I be fine for the European Tour ??? THanks!
  12. Well it's a NO for me - here's hoping U2.com will provide us all with some downloads afterwards
  13. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell the band we need a live DVD of this tour! P L E A S E !!!
  14. We were Pitch 2 standing and one lovely Brazilian, Barbara did shed lots of tears - that's the depth of emotion that U2 stir within us!
  15. Time for the Little Things - " a song that will end our next album " according to Bono
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