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  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell the band we need a live DVD of this tour! P L E A S E !!!
  2. We were Pitch 2 standing and one lovely Brazilian, Barbara did shed lots of tears - that's the depth of emotion that U2 stir within us!
  3. Thank you to all those who provided audio and / or video. Merci a tous xx
  4. Time for the Little Things - " a song that will end our next album " according to Bono
  5. WOW! Thanks for the audio and video! This is not a bad song .....oh wait a minute ...it IS !!! So not fade away ......fade away! Not fade away!!!
  6. Will they be on tomorrow ? We land in Dublin around 10 p.m. tonight ! THANKS
  7. Do you have any advice for those of us arriving late tonight Bigwave? Head to Croke early morning?
  8. We are very much looking forward to it! All we need to do is find where the "line" is early tomorrow morning ....
  9. Can't wait for tomorrow and SATURDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. So basically ....nobody knows .... We are flying in tomorrow ...Can't wait .....#251 and #252 for Pitch 2
  11. I have GA in Dublin and really want to know the best possible advice .....HELP!
  12. Fabulous StephonTour ...so would you recomment heading there for 9 a.m. on Saturday ?
  13. Where would we meet? How will it all work? Where would the 8 a.m. meet up point be to collect ...a wristband perhaps? This is our first time in Dublin. Help much appreciated!
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