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  1. WOW! Thanks for the audio and video! This is not a bad song .....oh wait a minute ...it IS !!! So not fade away ......fade away! Not fade away!!!
  2. Will they be on tomorrow ? We land in Dublin around 10 p.m. tonight ! THANKS
  3. Do you have any advice for those of us arriving late tonight Bigwave? Head to Croke early morning?
  4. We are very much looking forward to it! All we need to do is find where the "line" is early tomorrow morning ....
  5. and ....How does the queue work? Do you have to stay there all night though to tomorrow evening? THANKS
  6. VERY VERY excited about Twickenham tomorrow and Dublin in a fortnight! Anyone got best advice for us travellers for tomorrow in terms of where to go for Gate C or Gate D queue please?
  7. So did the fan queue work well? Seems like it was a mess according to Twitter?
  8. IS this how it will be at all venues Max? Go queue up really early and get a wristband ?
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