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  1. I would LOVE to know these answers too ...we arrive on Friday night ......THANKS
  2. and ....How does the queue work? Do you have to stay there all night though to tomorrow evening? THANKS
  3. VERY VERY excited about Twickenham tomorrow and Dublin in a fortnight! Anyone got best advice for us travellers for tomorrow in terms of where to go for Gate C or Gate D queue please?
  4. So did the fan queue work well? Seems like it was a mess according to Twitter?
  5. IS this how it will be at all venues Max? Go queue up really early and get a wristband ?
  6. Anchor House Hotel on Friday & Saturday night !
  7. Hi all This will be my first time in Dublin and I am wondering about the time to arrive etc and where to wait in line? I have heard it said that there is to be no queuing beforehand but I know people will? So any advice on when and where to wait for the standing queue so as to have a chance of getting very close?? THANKS!
  8. Sleathy!


    I would like to see them do A Celebration !!!
  9. Hi all This will be my first time in Dublin and I am staying pretty centrally. Any thoughts on whether there will be queuing for the Red and Green entrances and if so where will the queues be - and what time do we think people will arrive .... etc etc ....and any other useful tips please. Thanks!
  10. Your ticket states either RED or GREEN entrance - so you have no choice ....both will be awesome !
  11. We were treated to BAD followed by 40 on the second night in Cologne in October 2015 - a slice of heaven for sure !
  12. I have my e-tickets for Croke ...but nothing for Twickenham ...
  13. I too have RED route ... Entrance via ST James A .... Foster TCE & Turnsti ...... what ever that means ...
  14. OK so we know they will play JT in its entirety ....so which one other song are you desperate for them to play? I'll start with BAD ...please
  15. I have booked Anchor House .... 17 minutes walk from Croke Park ....includes breakfast ...anyone else staying there???
  16. I have been searching ..... does anyone have any reasonable suggestions of where to stay PLEASE?
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