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  1. Oi Maximus what's happening mate 😜😜😜😜😜😜😘😘😘
  2. Oooh I have an alter ego lol? God please no! One of you is bad enough ha ha ha weirdo
  3. Yeah don't pay attention to the bad man ;-) (I'm right though lol)
  4. Run......run away and never look back its too late for some of us but save yerself.... but if you could kick a few do-gooders on the way out that would be cool ;-) OK I took out murder jeezo lol
  5. Yeah Mich sad isn't it, there was a David Bowie documentary on the other day and they were talking about how he recorded all his vocals live and in a oner but it doesn't happen now
  6. I'm a bit miffed that the vocals are being done bit by bit does no-one just lay down a live vocal on a track now???
  7. no, not dismissed... more like people are taking their time to think about this and "chew on it" for a bit before responding... or may be speechless/at a loss for words. this is very strong stuff Personally I'd go for ignoring what's right in front of them because they don't want to hear the truth.
  8. Can't see no harassment of abuse? Nor can I Mac I think because I have shown proof that Saint Mandela was a murderer that people don't like that so decide to go down the "harassed and abused" route I'm hoping a Mod looks through this and comments about the allegation.
  9. Harass and abuse???? Can you please show me where I have done that if not then I expect an apology from you on this thread I have not harassed or abused you in any way on here and I am sure if I had the Mods would have pulled me for it I await your apology.
  10. And also.... http://plaintruthmagazine.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/crimes-of-terrorist-nelson-mandela.html No doubt all will be dismissed by you all.
  11. More.... http://thebackbencher.co.uk/3-things-you-didnt-want-to-know-about-nelson-mandela/
  12. Some very interesting reading for those without a closed mind or blinkered http://www.nationalreview.com/article/366317/remembering-mandela-without-rose-colored-glasses-andrew-c-mccarthy
  13. Rubbish he was a killer look it up he was a terrorist who blew up innocent people
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