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  1. Oi Maximus what's happening mate 😜😜😜😜😜😜😘😘😘
  2. Oooh I have an alter ego lol? God please no! One of you is bad enough ha ha ha weirdo
  3. Yeah don't pay attention to the bad man ;-) (I'm right though lol)
  4. Run......run away and never look back its too late for some of us but save yerself.... but if you could kick a few do-gooders on the way out that would be cool ;-) OK I took out murder jeezo lol
  5. Yeah Mich sad isn't it, there was a David Bowie documentary on the other day and they were talking about how he recorded all his vocals live and in a oner but it doesn't happen now
  6. I'm a bit miffed that the vocals are being done bit by bit does no-one just lay down a live vocal on a track now???
  7. no, not dismissed... more like people are taking their time to think about this and "chew on it" for a bit before responding... or may be speechless/at a loss for words. this is very strong stuff Personally I'd go for ignoring what's right in front of them because they don't want to hear the truth.
  8. Can't see no harassment of abuse? Nor can I Mac I think because I have shown proof that Saint Mandela was a murderer that people don't like that so decide to go down the "harassed and abused" route I'm hoping a Mod looks through this and comments about the allegation.
  9. Harass and abuse???? Can you please show me where I have done that if not then I expect an apology from you on this thread I have not harassed or abused you in any way on here and I am sure if I had the Mods would have pulled me for it I await your apology.
  10. And also.... http://plaintruthmagazine.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/crimes-of-terrorist-nelson-mandela.html No doubt all will be dismissed by you all.
  11. More.... http://thebackbencher.co.uk/3-things-you-didnt-want-to-know-about-nelson-mandela/
  12. Some very interesting reading for those without a closed mind or blinkered http://www.nationalreview.com/article/366317/remembering-mandela-without-rose-colored-glasses-andrew-c-mccarthy
  13. Rubbish he was a killer look it up he was a terrorist who blew up innocent people
  14. Contrarary to what some may think I am genuinely interested if you all forgive the Saddam's Bin Ladens Gadaffis Charles Mansons and others of this world??? If not why not and why you are all so quick to forgive/ignore Nelson Mandela's past????
  15. So Mandela killing innocents should be forgiven and ignored??? That's what I'm reading on this website that its OK to blow up innocent folk as long as you then try and make out you are a person of peace???
  16. Its funny isn't it Mac you put your opinion on and you are a troll just because you have a differing view. I wonder if these people are willing to forget about the atrocities Bin Laden Saddam and others have committed??? Ah Bin Laden, another false image? Don't get me started on that....America created that boogeyman story... It's like the people who think that people will go to hell if they don't believe in Jesus. Really? I thought Jesus was would people no matter what and taught people for forgive??? Very true
  17. Its funny isn't it Mac you put your opinion on and you are a troll just because you have a differing view. I wonder if these people are willing to forget about the atrocities Bin Laden Saddam and others have committed???
  18. Basher: it's ok to let everybody know your point of view... just remember that you don't know and don't control other people feelings. Nobody here is saying that what you feel is prefabricated or fake, so please treat the people with the same respect. Thanks. Max people are so blinkered about this man so I'm just putting a few truths out there but people don't like it when their heroes are tarnished
  19. Instead of focussing on the murders he committed??? Brilliant
  20. Trolling lol I've been here since 2005 I dont think trolls hang about that long. I know about the man thanks and don't need a history lesson from folk like you I suppose you want to forget the crimes against humans that he committed?? And as for the world leaders well its a trend to follow and love Mandela isn't it I mean its not as if Obama and Cameron used it as a photo oppertunity...... oh wait didn't they take a "selfie" at the memorial service????
  21. But he killed innocent women men and children but that seems to have been forgotten in all this fake outpouring from everyone
  22. He seems to have missed out the part where Mandela was a terrorist who murdered innocent women men and children look it up its out there for all to see its amazing how short a memory people have and that people follow what celebrities say even though they miss out important stuff but go on with the fake celebrations of a man who was a murderer and terrorist
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